Toyota FJ Cruiser Cold Air Intake – For Improved Performance


Toyota FJ Cruiser is a midsize SUV. It is second to none so far as its distinctive look and its off-road performance quality is concerned. Its excellent interior as well exterior designing is another feature that goes in its favor. It has four doors and its seats are comfortable. In its 2010 version its engine provides ample power and is simultaneously fuel efficient, which is a rare combination. The SUV is able to negotiate rough roads even those with boulders and other obstacles and is able to go up on steep slopes. The SUV is able to achieve all that because of its tough chassis, good suspension, and an engine that generates and equally well transmits ample power. It is safe on road as well as off-road due to features that include stability control, traction control, antilock disc brakes, and air-bags at the required places. It requires less effort to drive it because its controls are located where it is easy to reach them. The SUV can be very easily maneuvered.

When you buy a car you would expect that you get the best out of the expenditure incurred on its acquiring and running. Installation of cold air intakes is a step to accomplish that. A Toyota FJ Cruiser cold air intake will help you in getting more power from the engine for a given amount of fuel consumed. The engine generates power by the combustion of a mixture of fuel and air. It is the oxygen in the air which is the active agent in this process. For complete combustion adequate supply of air is required. The Toyota FJ Cruiser cold air intake does that by bringing in atmospheric air in the engine. The air that is brought in is cold and hence denser than the air inside the engine area which is hotter. Denser air means more of air and hence more of oxygen in a given volume. It results in better combustion and more power.

You will enjoy a lot of fun riding in Toyota FJ Cruiser equipped with FJ Cruiser cold air intake on road as also on an off-road adventure. You can see the latest Toyota FJ Cruiser cold air intake at



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