Toyota Grants Unique Tundra to Cincinnati Police Department


Toyota’s new Tundra has won the hearts of truck fanatics all over the U.S because of its rugged good looks, excellent towing capacity and a long list of features that are essential to truck buyers. This was such since its launch in February 2007.

However, Tundra not like any other will soon be joining the Cincinnati Police Department. While rugged, outdoors work and reliable service are assured to be part of its job. But there are major differences in body style and features. This Tundra to be used at the Cincinnati Police Department will feature four legs rather than four doors, and a tail instead of a tailgate.

At a ceremony held in January 28 at the Cincinnati Police Department’s firing
Range, Toyota donated the amount of $5,000 to the Cincinnati Police Department to replace a retiring member of its canine unit. Since Japanese-based car maker made the donation, and the retiring dog was named “Dakota,” police officials decided to show their appreciation by naming the new one “Tundra.”

Sergeant Daniel Hils, supervisor of the Cincinnati Police Department’s canine unit, said that they owe many thanks to Toyota for making it possible. He continued that their unit might not have been able to replace Dakota without Toyota’s donation.

Andrew Gilleland, Assistant General Manager for Toyota Motor Sales Cincinnati Region, said that Toyota is enthusiastic to have the chance to help the Cincinnati Police Department. He added that they were flattered when they heard that the new canine would be named “Tundra” after their new line of trucks.

The task of the Cincinnati Police Department’s canine unit is to assist officers in high-risk search operations that often require the dog’s keen sense of smell to locate potentially armed and dangerous individuals suspected of criminal activity and evading police.

The Cincinnati Police Department has 10 canine patrol teams and each canine plays an important role within the department.

Hills continued that they train those dogs to track lawbreakers and other armed and dangerous criminals. He further said that those dogs can clear buildings faster than a whole team of officers and often are in less danger while doing so.

About Toyota

Maker of Toyota Previa parts, Toyota established operations in North America in 1957 and will be operating 15 manufacturing plants in North America by 2010. There are more than 1,700 Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealerships in North America which sold more than 2.8 million vehicles last year. Toyota directly employs more than 41,000 employees in North America and its investment in the region is currently valued at more than $18.6 billion. That figure includes sales and manufacturing operations, research and development, financial services and design. Toyota’s purchasing of parts per year, materials, goods and services from North American suppliers sums up to more than $28.5 billion. According to a 2005 Center for Automotive Research study, Toyota, along with its dealers and suppliers, has generated almost 400,000 U.S. jobs, which include jobs created through spending by direct, dealer and suppliers employees.


Source by Kaye Leery