Toyota Motorhomes – Used Models Gain In Popularity


While the competitors such as Coachmen and Winnebago seem to be constantly trying to outdo each other in terms of amenities and new technologies, Toyota motorhomes surprisingly find that their most popular models are those that were manufactured in the 1980’s. They were so well-constructed in fact, that most are still running strong now, over 30 years later, in many cases, and enjoy somewhat of a cult following amongst RV enthusiasts. This is for a number of reasons, firstly that they are still running and at top speeds, with no need for rewiring the engines.

Another reason why the used Toyota motorhomes are still so popular is that they are quite economical. You can find working models for under 10,000 dollars, which is quite a deal for a vintage motorhome that retains all of its original working pieces. They are able to run on over 12 miles per gallon, making them more fuel-efficient than many competitors, which is a huge advantage and benefit in today’s energy-conscious society. In addition, they are quite small and don’t make as much noise as the competition. This all combines to make them a not only trendy but practical choice for anyone seeking a motorhome that is unique and has its own flair.

Toyota motorhomes are so popular that they have spawned their own motorhome clubs, specifically for drivers of this type of vehicle. They meet in convention-like settings all over the world to trade stories and compare notes on any new renovations or updates they have made to their trusty little Toyota. The popularity only looks set to continue over the coming decade, as Toyota releases new motorhomes based on this original model. The newer versions are a bit sleeker and have modern amenities inside such as DVD players, but the purists would prefer the vintage version.

At any rate, Toyota remains one of the most trusted brands of automobile manufacturers in the world. While the old-fashioned Toyota motorhomes have a loyal following, their newer models are just as reliable. One factor about this type of vehicle is that they are quite slow-paced, which can be a positive or a negative thing depending on how you look at it. For leisurely drives, this can be a good thing, to enjoy the scenery, but if you are in a hurry to cross the country, there may be a better choice of motorhome for you.


Source by Jeff Gardner