Toyota Tacoma Trucks–A Brief History


It has been over four decades since Toyota Motors started its venture in the American truck market in 1964.It was a very basic Toyota Regular Cab with a compact pick-up bed and square look.The truck,powered by a 1.9L 85Hp 4-cylinder engine,came with basic facilities and very few options.For the next two decades Toyota trucks remained unchanged with some minor tweaks.

In the 1979 model year,the Japanese car maker launched Toyota Pickup,a four-wheel drive option with an enhanced 2.2L 96Hp powertrain.These changes made Toyota trucks a huge hit in the North American market and the success was followed by a series of awards-Toughest Truck of the Year by 4×4 and Off-Road Vehicles, 4WD of the Year by Pickup and 4WD Vehicle of the Year by Off-Road.

From then on,the truck production divided in two separate lines the–4×2 and 4×4 models.By 1981,Toyota truck Xtracab models were introduced in the market with choices of diesel and gasoline engines.Changes and modifications continued to give it a more car like feel.

During the period 1988-1989,the Toyota trucks emerged as more powerful with a 3.0L V6 and the wheelbase extended from 103 inches to 122 inches.In the meantime,Toyota Pickup got a boost with turbo charged engines and Independent Front Suspension (IFS).It was the predecessor of present Toyota Tacoma.    

In 1995,Toyota launched the brand new Tacoma,designed and manufactured on the American soil.The Tacoma came with two main options–the 2WD models with a 2.4L 142Hp four-cylinder powertrain and the $WD model with a 2.7L 150Hp four-cylinder engine.Standard safety features included adjustable seatbelt anchors,driver-side airbags,and improved side view mirrors.

In 2001,The Toyota Tacoma ushers in to a new model year with more sophisticated interior and aggressive exterior styling.The Toyota Double Cab was made available for the first time.The pick up truck combined the passenger comfort and roominess of a SUV with the toughness of a cargo hauler.

The much bigger 2006 Tacoma model standardized some more options with minor facelifts for the 2007 models.Slight mechanical changes were done to ensure better fuel economy and higher performance than its forerunners.

The 2008 model is a carryover from 2007 while the 2009 Toyota Tacoma has received a whole new lot of entertainment and safety features including 6-disc CD player,new steering wheel controls,Vehicle Stability Control (VSC),four-wheel Anti-lock Brakes System and an electronic Brake-Force Distribution System with Brake Assist.The revised interior design offers improved comfort level and added entertainment during drive.

The 2009 Tacoma Access Cab gets standard power windows and door locks along with redesigned rear seats for enhanced passenger comfort and convenience.Higher trim levels offer optional Bluetooth enabled Premium JBL 6-CD audio system with integrated XM satellite radio.

Finally,the 2010 Toyota Tacoma appeals to those who need a mid-size or compact pickup loaded with latest entertainment amenities and topnotch safety features in addition to fuel efficiency and hauling capabilities.The vehicle’s exterior is apparently unchanged from its last year versions.The 2010 Toyota trucks come in three cab styles-2010 Tacoma Regular Cab,Double Cab with four side doors and extended Access Cab with hinged rear doors.Equipped with the most advanced DynamicControl technology and Electronic Throttle Control System with intelligence (ETCS-i) 2010 Toyota Tacoma is a hot seller in the mid-size pickup truck category.


Source by Nikola Jones