Toyota Unveils All New Voxy and Noah


Toyota Motor Corporation, maker of quality Toyota nerf bars launched in June 27 nationwide in Japan the all new Voxy through “Netz” dealers, and the all new Noah through “Toyota Corolla” dealers.

Since their debut in November 2001 as new vehicles with advanced styling and comfort for all passengers, the first-generation Voxy and Noah have enjoyed the support of several customers. The cars had cumulative sales of approximately 800,000 vehicles, and have the market leader as the epitome of the minivan.

The new, second-generation models feature an extended advanced functioning of the first generation, that include an interior that emphasizes the comfort provided, simplicity of use and a relaxed driving ambiance. Furthermore, the Voxy has stylishness at its heart while the Noah gives off a feeling of familiarity.

Both vehicles are equipped with highly functional features that exude their simplicity to use for all passengers. Unique equipments include the world’s first (as of May 2007 according to TMC survey) “one-touch folding” third-row seats and second-row “long-slide multi-use rotating” seats with a child seat mode. Aside from these, the vehicles feature state-of-the-art technology such as a newly developed 2.0-liter engine with a “Valvematic” continuously variable valve lift mechanism, which gives superior driving and environmental performance. An Intelligent Parking Assist system also comes with the vehicles. All these and more features satisfy the various needs of customers for a comfortable driving experience and display of robust individuality in minivans of just the right size.

The two vehicles are based on the Toyota brand design philosophy “Vibrant Clarity”. As such, they share the expression of simple but powerful dynamism as their theme, while highlighting their respective individual characteristics. The Voxy has a stylish and unique design, while the Noah continues a high-quality, familiar design.

The aerodynamic versions of the two have aerodynamic components like a large bumper and rear spoiler, overhanging wheel flares, and 16-inch wheels to build the image of a low center of gravity as well as a sporty and wide feeling (Voxy ZS & Z; Noah Si & S).

The front end of the Voxy establishes a sharp surface that creates the look of a compacted form packed with power. One of the distinctive design features of the Voxy is its stepped headlights that express stylishness, individuality and uniqueness.

Through the door profile with full, curved surfaces, the flush fender lines and the sharp character lines that extend from the front to the rear, the side highlights the Voxy’s simple yet dynamic feel.

Its trapezoidal silhouette of the rear triggers a sense of stability while the clear and advanced design of the combination taillights delivers a cool and stylish impression.

Noah’s front end builds a familiar and striking impression with a round three-dimensional body and deeply sculpted form extending from the grille to the hood.
Through the door profile with several curved surfaces and the J-shaped character lines of the front fenders, its side highlights the simple yet active feel and modern look of the Noah.

The rear establishes a sense of breadth with the mixes of taillights that wrap around the sides and a feeling of stability with a trapezoidal silhouette, while the red combination taillights highlight familiarity.


Source by Kaye Leery