Truck Suspension Lift Kits: Factors You Should Consider


Here are the following factors you have to consider when you purchase suspension lift kits for your truck:

Installation – you can install your own lift kit into your truck since many manufacturers now offer a manual for doing the installation yourself. However, several types of truck suspension lift kits involve complicated installations. These types require welding and cutting in order to some important components can also be added. During such cases you may have to call on your trusted mechanic or request for some knowledgeable friend’s advice concerning the best resolution.

Additional Modifications – if you need to do upgrades on your truck’s lift kits by having taller tires, then you also need to do some part upgrades or tuning on a number of truck components to compensate for it. Your truck’s engine is adjusted according to a specific gear ratio in order to propel the entire vehicle, properly. When you need to add taller tires, your gear ratios also need to be tweaked accordingly since the vehicle’s engine must spin much heavier and larger tires. You may need to consult more experienced individuals/truck owners’ further insight on this matter.

Highway performance – sometimes, having larger and wider tires result to instability of the vehicle on roads or having an uncomfortable and noisy ride when you are driving at high speed. More aggressive off-road tires on vehicles also have a tendency to wear faster when used on the highway. When riding over wet roads, you may also experience not so great traction as you would expect. Make sure that you get the proper direction from an experienced off – road rider before having larger tires on your vehicle since it can be such a gamble.

Weight – your suspension may suffer a lot of strain, particularly if stock suspension since larger tires can be heavier. This is a very common issue in truck lift kits installation. Nonetheless, it can really be just a matter of becoming more accustomed to your vehicle’s performance change.

Legality – realize that suspension lift kits can be a serious change on your truck’s suspension system and as such, they may be violating suspension regulations of your country. Check out first these regulations within your state, province or country so that you can be sure of the legality.

Some useful accessories – before you install a suspension lift kits, you have to examine if other components can become affected by the new height. You may need to do upgrades on some useful accessories like the brake upgrades, drivetrain, differential, replacement parts, shocks, steering linkage, drive shaft length, slip yoke, u-joint angel and brake lines.


Source by Kay Zetkin