Truck Tool Box Tonneau Cover Benefits


Tool box tonneau cover is specially designed to fit your truck with your tool box installed. This tonneau cover is a favorite among customers whose trucks are used as both street and work vehicles. Tool box tonneau cover feature roll out bars, bows and cover to allows easy access to your tools. When truck owners look at aftermarket products for their vehicle, the tonneau covers are toward the top of the list. There are approximately 800,000 toolboxes sold each year. These tonneau covers start as low as $230.

These offer functionality in addition to appearance enhancement. Owning the tool box has some great advantages such as protecting your tools from the weather and keeping your tools out of sight from people who like to take things that don’t belong to them. The tool box can also increases your gas mileage. Customer favorites include the Extang Toolbox Tonno Cover, with its easy pull to disengage your tail rail for bulk hauling, and the Access Tool Box Edition Tonneau Cover, with protection capabilities perfect for contractors, construction, farms and other commercial uses.

You can have all the advantages of owning a tool box tonneau cover to protect and store your tools and also cargo. Different companies such as Extang with several different models of tonneau covers and tool boxes which require you to either have a truck tool box or purchase one. Access also has a tool box edition which you also have to purchase or own a truck tool box. When it comes to toolboxes, it is easier to understand the customers needs. Some of the reasons that customers purchase toolboxes include:

  • Ability to store and organize tools and equipment
  • Ability to lock the toolbox
  • Added storage space

There are some choices truck owners make in regards to toolboxes such as what type of material do they want such as steel, aluminum or plastic. In addition, there are different organizing options and other features with toolboxes. There are toolboxes to meet every customers needs and the price he or she is willing to spend for that toolbox.

And then there is the reverse case. If you have a customer that has a tonneau cover already installed on their truck bed, there are toolbox solutions that can fit under the cover. For example, several toolbox manufacturers such as Delta Consolidated Industries and SwingBox offer toolboxes that mount under tonneau covers. They allow for toolbox access when needed, while allowing the full functionality and fit of a tonneau cover. Some manufacturers have gone the next step to offer an all-in-one solution of a tool box tonneau cover. Shur-Co offers the TruXedoPlus tool box and tonneau cover combination. It combines the Truxedo tonneau cover with a low-profile toolbox.


Source by Imanuel S.