Types of cars and insurance costs


The car you own determines to a large extent the premiums you will have to pay for insuring it. Of course, your claims history, driving and credit records, your age, sex and location will also influence the rates, but not to the extent of your actual vehicle. You can make everything you can to improve the other factors but if your car is expensive to insure on its own, don’t expect to have low rates on it. Each car make and model is assigned with a certain rating according to its overall safety, repair costs, theft rates, clams history and possible damage to infrastructure. When a new car comes out it is rated like other similar cars before having a decent claims history on its own. The moment there’s enough information to be analyzed, the particular make and model can either be rated higher or lower, which directly affects the insurance rates. If you’re thinking about insuring your fast sports car or a big SUV be ready to meet a hefty price tag in your insurance policy. These two groups of vehicles are quite expensive to insure due to various reasons. Sports cars are powerful and fast enough to provoke the driver for pushing the limits and violating traffic rules, which means that sports cars are generally dangerous and pose greater insurance risks to be covered. SUVs on the other hand tend to be safe for the driver and passengers inside it, which is good in terms of insurance, but they have increased potential to devastate the other vehicle or infrastructure during the accident. Luxury cars are also quite expensive to insure because they have high repair costs and often fall prey to theft. In case you are looking for cheap auto insurance and haven’t bought a car yet, experts suggest looking in the middle section of the car model and making class. Small cheap cars often have good gas mileage but due to low mass they aren’t quite as safe as their bigger mid-class peers. What you need is a reliable car with good controls, good crash test results, increased safety and low repair costs. Most car manufacturers (except for luxury car brands) have such models and different variations to satisfy the needs of everyday drivers. If your car is equipped with such safety features as airbags, additional seat belts, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices it is a good chance that you will get cheap auto insurance you’ve been looking for. If your auto doesn’t carry these features, no one restricts you from installing them on your own. But make sure to inform your insurance agent about these modifications to get the discount you deserve. Otherwise your insurance rates will remain the same. In case you own an old car, it is likely that you will have lower insurance rates compared to the same car but new. However, you should ask your agent about the necessary coverage types, because some older vehicles can safely drop certain types of insurance coverage making your policy even cheaper.


Source by David Mayer