Van Nuys Accident Leaves Six Injured


Two children and two adults that occupied the sport-utility vehicle were also injured, one child having a serious head laceration.  Police continue to investigate the accident.

Over the years, the reasons car accidents happen have remained pretty much the same.  Driving too fast or driving while under the influence remain two of the biggest causes of California auto accidents. Now, California injury lawyers can also add distracted driving to the list since so many people talk on hand held devices and text while behind the wheel.

Speeding does mean driving faster than the speed limit, but it also means driving too fast for weather, traffic or road conditions.  When traffic is heavy or weather is inclimate, motorists should know that even driving the posted speed limit can be dangerous and increases the risk of an accident.  In bad weather, roads may be slippery and it is more difficult to see clearly.  When traffic is congested, it is often impossible to see what is going on up ahead and driving too fast may result in a dangerous crash as you suddenly come upon stopped traffic.  Motorists should always use good judgment and drive according to conditions, not always according to what speed limit is posted.

Speed related accidents can result in tragic consequences.  When two cars going at high rates of speed collide, the result can be serious injuries or even death.

More than 1,000 people are killed each year in California, even though drunk driving has become less of a factor in auto accidents.  Those who choose to drive while under the influence often have delayed reactions and impaired judgment.  Their minds are not clear, and they may feel that they are perfectly fine to drive even though they are not.  Those who drive drunk often speed and engage in other reckless acts which may result in a serious or fatal accident.

While cell phones, texting and other technological advances have been blamed for distracted driving, it is a fact that drivers have always been subjected to a number of distractions.  Billboards, loud music, visiting with passengers, changing radio stations and reaching around trying to find a CD are distractions.  Anything that takes the drivers mind and eyes away from the road can be considered a distraction, which increases the risk of being involved in an accident.

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Source by Joel Mclaughlin