What Can Be Better Than Cycling?


Cycling is not only great exercise, but also an activity many people enjoy doing during their free time. It gives you the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, admire beautiful scenery, so no wonder many people who practice it say that it improves not only their physical health and fitness level, but also their mood.

Cycling has lots of benefits. But it is hard for people with severe mobility limitations, like amputees, to ride a bike. There is though a similar device, called the GlideCycle, that has all the benefits of cycling and can be efficiently used by people with mobility limitations due to various conditions, such as obesity, debilitating arthrits, multiple sclerosis, war or accident wounds, joint disorders, and even amputation. But let’s look at the benefits of cycling first.

Benefits of cycling are numerous:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness –Cycling gives your heart and blood vessels a workout, and consequently reduces the risk of heart problems. You can get the amount of workout recommended by the American Heart Association for a healthy heart by reading as little as 30 minutes every other day.
  • Reduced back pain –Cycling helps develop the large muscles in the back and also strengthens the small muscles that support individual vertebrae. It also provides the nourishment that the discs in the spine need for development.
  • Reduced risk of arthritis and bad knees –Cycling is a low-impact form of exercise, which means it is gentle on the joints. It is an exercise that is recommended for runners and other people who have various foot, leg, knee or hip injuries, or who want to prevent injuries. Cycling does not only help your joints by not putting stress on them, but can even strengthen them by building up cartilage.
  • Increased respiratory capacity –Cycling provides great workout for your lungs, so it can benefit people who suffer from asthma or chronic bronchitis.
  • Weight loss –Cycling helps you burn calories, raise the metabolic rate and build muscle tone, so you burn more calories while at rest.
  • Reduced stress –being a pleasant healthy activity, cycling can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Enhanced overall fitness level and stamina –Cycling will not only benefit your health, but will also enable you to carry out your daily activities more efficiently.
  • Socializing –You can go ride your bike by yourself, but you can also go cycling with family or friends, or even meet new friends who share your hobby.
  • Environmentally friendly –It doesn’t exhaust harmful chemicals in the air.
  • Mobility –Cycling can be a great way to move around your local area.

After looking at all these benefits, let’s go back to the title question: What can be better than cycling?

The GlideCycle is a revolutionary new trainer that provides all the benefits of cycling, the major difference being that it can also be used by people with severe mobility limitations, including lower limb amputees! The GlideCycle has no pedals. The rider uses his legs/ one leg to push forward. GlideCycling is also somehow similar to running, without all the stress that running puts on the joints. Everybody can benefit from riding the GlideCycle, but it is most amazing to see what it can do for people who have lost a lower limb. It not only greatly improves their fitness level, but also their mood and mobility. The GlideCycle is also great for injured athletes, because it is very good for differential training and can provide great exercise while recovering from injuries.

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Source by Ruth Taylor