What is Accident Forgiveness Insurance


Everyone knows that having a good driving record helps keep your car insurance rates down but an accident is exactly what’s it’s called, an accident. No one plans on getting into one and for the most part drivers avoid them at any cost but that won’t stop it from happening to you. There are new things out that you can add to your car insurance to protect your low rates today, it’s called accident forgiveness and it’s now available in most states. Some companies like Allstate Insurance also offer ticket forgiveness and other new options like deductible rewards along with a new Safe Driver Bonus.

The truth is, some insurance companies recognize that having one accident does not make you a bad driver, and raising your rates to double their costs might cause them to lose you as a client. Now these new options don’t come free but the costs are very small in comparison to what you’ll pay over three years, this is what all insurance companies will charge you for tickets and accidents.

Be aware, you can not add these new features after you’ve had an accident and be forgiven. Once you’ve added the coverage it will apply from that day forward so not unless you’ve got a crystal ball think about it before it’s too late.

When all is said and done these are the smartest, most innovative moves the insurance giants have made…keep the customers happy is good business through and through!  Throughout the years consumers have had no other choice but to take the higher costs and where told this was their only option. See if your insurance company offers accident forgiveness along with other perks, way the odds and make a decision today.


Source by Loreen Worden