What is Dental Insurance?


If you wish to cover any problems arise from your teeth, dental insurance is your only option. This type of insurance usually covers problems like broken tooth during accident, tooth fallen caused from work and so on. However, the insurance coverage can be customized to suit your personal needs.

A dental insurance not only covers on broken teeth caused by an accident, and it is normally set to covers the annual dental checkups, cleaning or washing as well as teeth filling. With this kind of policy being setup, the client will normally visits the dentist more frequently to get their teeth checked. This policy is actually being setup for the benefit to the insurance company, with more frequent teeth maintenance, they could save lots of money in the future for more serious teeth treatments.

As usual, a dental insurance premium is not cheap, but some of the private companies would provide the insurance free to their staffs. But this type of policy having minor difference compare to the personal policy, the staff is only allowed to visit the dentists who are pre-registered with the insurance company, and the type of treatments received will also be limited.

Some of the insurance companies will set a limit on the amount can be claimed, once the claim exceeded the claim threshold, you may have to pay the balance by yourself. In most of the cases, the limit is set at $1500 per year, but it would cost you at least $3000 for a root canal operation. A normal dental insurance can cost you $50 per year on the premiums and can go up to $300 per year. To ensure that your dental care is fully covered up, you have to check with the insurance company about the policy offered.


Source by Simon Lee