What is so Special About Negril, Jamaica?


When you’re thinking about selecting a destination for your vacation in Jamaica, Negril may definitely come to mind. This is because Negril, Jamaica offers a little bit of something for everyone… from its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture to its wide variety of lodging options. Find out why if you’re looking to have fun or just kick back and relax, Negril should be the place to go.

Located in western Jamaica, Negril extends from the nineteenth-century Negril Lighthouse at Negril Point all the way to Bloody Bay in the Parish of Hanover. Negril offers spectacular scenery that can be found in very few places around the world. From the dramatic rugged cliffs at West End you can view miles of pristine white sand beaches.

If you are looking to kick back and have a good time, Negril, Jamaica is the place to do so. There are miles of crystal clear water to have fun in and the beautiful white sand beaches provide an area to relax under the sun. Negril has even been coined the “Capital of Casual.” Aside from the light-spirited atmosphere, this phrase also comes because Negrilians carry out business and pleasure efficiently with little formality.

Believe it or not, the first visitors to Negril in large numbers were hippies. Because of this, it helped promote and carry on the carefree environment that still exists today. The truth is, if you want to make new friends and become acquainted with Jamaicans and their culture, Negril is one of the best places to do so.

While the spectacular beaches and stunning scenery is enough to attract any vacationer, there is a wide variety of other entertainment to embark on. There are a number of different bars and clubs to stay entertained through the night. Families and couples will find a plethora of activities to participate in and have fun at Chukka Caribbean Adventures. Some of the activities offered include a river tubing safari, a 4×4 adventure, and a canopy tour.

In case you’re wondering, there’s a wide array of places to stay… whatever your budget. From high-end all-inclusive resorts to hip hotels to small affordable rooms, there is something for everyone. Although you will have far more activities to do at an all inclusive resort, there are plenty of things to keep you busy away from your room as well.

Selecting a place to vacation at in Jamaica can be difficult because of the many options to choose from. But Negril, Jamaica certainly has something to offer the most discerning traveler with spectacular scenery, gorgeous beaches and a number of activities to keep you busy. Keep this in mind… the next time you’re considering a Jamaica vacation, keep Negril right near the top of your list.


Source by Dottson Bando