Why Men Hit Women


Physical abuse is a very touchy subject for many women.   Many women experience it, but none deserve it.  It is a senseless and heartless act, and is a sign of a true coward.  Women are already faced with the day to day challenges of being a woman and to have added pressure from a careless figure of a man is totally unnecessary.  But one of the main reasons many men hit women is because many women allow it to happen.

You will always hear of some sort of abuse on the news, on the internet, or from someone you know.  It is a very hurtful thing to know that a man has hit someone you care about so deeply.  It’s even more hurtful when that woman accepts it and keeps allowing it to happen. 

There are many excuses men use to justify hitting women, but none of them are legitimate.  Some would even go as far as saying, “That’s how I was brought up.  That’s all I saw in my household, so this is normal.”  This is not normal; it’s a mental sickness that needs to be rectified.

When a woman meets someone new, she can’t tell if he is an abusive person, but as time progress, he will eventually show signs.  He will become controlling and possessive; he will start trying to control her day-to-day life.  He will want to know her every location, how long was she there, who did she see, and who did she meet.  He will control what she wears and who she goes out with.  He will eventually isolate her, and sometimes to the point where she can’t even see her family.  He isolates her so she can become dependant on him.  When this starts to happen, she needs to either end the relationship before it gets physical, or voice her concerns, expectations, and solutions. 

If a woman allows this, the verbal abuse will start.  In time, it may turn physical.  Now she has a psycho on her hands.  She is scared and don’t know how to get out of the abusive relationship.  He will make comments such as, “I hit you because I love you,”  “I’m sorry! You made me mad,” or “It won’t happen again.”  Believe me, it will happen again!  It starts to get worse when the woman starts to conform and it becomes her way of life.  Now she is defending him and making up lies and excuses to those around her. But what she fails to realize is that this needs to stop while her loved ones can look at her instead of over her.

When a man hits a woman, it gives him a measurement of his control.  He is not treating her with respect.  Instead of her being his equal, she allows him to place himself above her while she becomes the peasant.  And the only reason why this happens is because those women allow it.  Truth be told, a man wouldn’t want someone hitting his daughter, so he shouldn’t hit someone else’s. 

Bottom line, men should not hit women and women shouldn’t let them. Women can get all the advice in the world, but they are going to stay until they are ready to leave. Until that happens, these men are going to continue to treat them like the peasants that they think they are. So, women… if you don’t want to be hit by a man, don’t let him.


Source by Darnell E. Patton