Why You need to Know About Rim and Tire Protection


Once you get your new hot wheels you should know how you can care for them. For rim and tire protection read on below to discover.

When installing your new wheels it is highly recommended to use a torque wrench so your lugs are properly tightened according to the manufactures specifications. If not tightened enough can cause wobbling and or vibrations of the wheel, to tight can put additional force upon brake assemblies causing brake damage or excessive brake wear. Also you ought to have your vehicle re-aligned after the installation. Both of these are essential in rim and tire protection.

Tire pressure is very critical, not only in rim and tire protection, but for greater gas mileage also. Keeping the pressure correct gives greater handling, greater mileage and helps stop flats. You should check your pressure each and every month. You ought to only check your tire pressure although the tires are cold, or after a short drive. It’s not recommended to check tire pressure after you’ve driven awhile as the tires heat up and will give false pressures. If the pressure is low in any of your tires fill to the correct pressure. Most gas stations have free or coin air compressors. Re-check the pressure each and every few seconds whilst adding air. In case you over fill then let air out till you have the correct air pressure. If you come across a tire to be low a few times in a row you possibly have a leak. Have it checked out.

Incorrect air pressure could be bad for driving and poor for tread wear. If under inflated your vehicle won’t have the fast response needed in emergencies. Also it will cut down on gas mileage and also the tread will wear far more on the outsides rather than even tread wear. If over inflated there’s much less tread contact consequently less traction and the tread will wear faster within the middle of the tread. Properly inflated tires and you’ll have even tread wear and far better handling of your vehicle. Correct inflation is quite essential for rim and tire protection.

You need to rotate your tires every 5 thousand to 7 thousand miles. Follow your auto manual for proper rotation. Tires in different locations as in front or back, left side or correct side will wear differently. In case you rotate your tires as specified your tires will last longer and will enhance on rim and tire protection.

Keep your wheels clean, soap and water is greatest, this will prevent rust and dirt create up and keep that lustrous shine. This is critical also to rim and tire protection.


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