World’s Cheapest Cars


The much-awaited people’s car from Tata Motors is supposed to be the world’s cheapest car as of today. Nano has a 624 cc engine, four doors and a mileage of 23 kilometers per liter and comes in three different versions including one with air conditioning. Power steering is provided in a Nano. Nano would be available in two deluxe models and a standard model.

Contrary to the criticisms faced pre-launch, Tata Nano satisfies all safety standards and emission laws with an emission lower than that of a two-wheeler. It hits the market at a price of one lakh rupees, which is equivalent to two thousand five hundred US dollars as promised by Ratan Tata, which is the dealer price. The buyer has to bear other expenses like Value Added Tax and transportation expenses. In spite of it, Tata Nano stands as the cheapest car in the world.

Chery QQ3 is the second cheapest car with a price of five thousand dollars, which hit the market in 2003. It is a city car manufactured by Chery Automobile, the Chinese manufacturer that is a household name of the Chinese passenger car industry. Chery QQ3 is equipped with an antilock brake system, dual front airbags, power windows and a Euro III compliant Engine along with air-conditioning. Chery QQ3 is a sleek looking car with a lot of storage area and comes with a five-door hatch back.

Maruthi 800 has reined the world of small cars in India for over two decades since 1983. Maruthi came as an alternative to Ambassador and Fiat for people who craved for a change in their cars. Manufactured by Maruthi Suzuki India Ltd, this car is available for 5200 US dollars and comes in both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned versions. Maruthi 800, as the name suggests, has an 800 cc engine and is a four seater and has a great fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost. It is easy to drive in the heavy traffic due to its small size and low turning radius. South East Asia and South America and many more countries are all importers of Maruthi 800 cars.

Geely Automobile makes Merrie Star, which is a China based manufacturing company. It is a four-door Sedan car and is priced at 5500 US dollars. Launched in 2005, Merrie Star is most popular among the middle-income families in China and people who buy for the first time. The manufacturers are Geely’s Ningbo, Zhejiang factories and the car has an engine size, which ranges from 1.0 to 1.3 liters and is exported to south East Asia and Africa.

The next in the list of cheapest cars is the HQ or Haoqing S-RV or commonly known as S-RV mini SUV which belongs to the HQ series by Geely Automobile, China. This car is a great companion due to its unique character of five doors and five-seat capacity.

S-RV Mini SUV car is equipped with adjustable pitches seats, state of the art security system and a luxurious dashboard. The basic price of the car is priced at 5780 US dollars. The upgraded version includes additional features such as air-conditioning, central locking and power steering.

Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Fiat and many more are also programmed to make cheep small cars as more people now prefer cheaper and energy efficient cheap cars.


Source by Adam Boulton