5 Car Maintenance Tips to Avoid Road Accident


Apart from safety in driving, the other important factor is to maintenance of the car properly.

You must have to follow the rules of the maintenance to keep the car according to the owner’s manual given with the booklet incase you are buying new car.

Here are the tips to keep your car in ever-ready condition:

1. The first thing is you need to change in engine oil at certain mileage according to guideline of the car owner’s manual.

2. The second thing is change in the engine oil according to the car owner’s manual. It is better you can use the branded engine oil for your car and always use same brand for your car. If you replace engine oil by you, you must have to use dipstick to know the level of oil. You must have to wait till oil pour down. It is better you must have to check the oil level and once your oil tank get full close the tank with oil filler cap.

3. Use of transmission fluid is very important. It is important to use the transmission fluid from the same company. Set the transmission at P level and start engine. You must have to diagnoses your engine condition as well as fluid condition. You must have to replace the fluid if it black.

4. You must have to keep a coolant level of your engine. It is show as full or Low. If you find Full than it will be all right but if you find low than you must have to make it full. If your car marks no overflow tank or often get full than you must have to check it in the service station. Please not the low coolant level will damage engine.

5. You must have to regularly check the air pressure on the air station or you can buy tire pressure gauge to measure the air pressure. Please refer the owner manual to gauge the tire pressure. It is also essential to balance your tire at wheel balancing center and align the tire properly. Improper alignment causes increased tire and suspension units wear and poor handling. Improper alignment may cause accident.


Source by Christy Myers