9 Awesome Tips to Celebrate Diwali 2016 in India


9 Awesome Tips to Celebrate Diwali 2016

Diwali – a festival of lights, also known as Deepawali (line of oil lamps) is one of the most celebrated festival all over India. Celebrating is all about dressing up, exchanging gifts with your loved ones, feasting on sweets, making merry and much more. Can you think of the best tips to celebrate Diwali 2016 in India with your family this year? We will help you by our awesome tips to celebrate Diwali 2016.

1. Collect Correct Calendar for Diwali 2016

Diwali 2016 celebration is for five days, starting from 28th October,2016  till 1st November,2016 .

28th October – Trayodashi – Dhanteras

29th October – Chaturdashi – Narak Chaturdashi

30th October – Amavasya – Laxmi Pujan, Diwali

31st October – Pratipada – Goverdhan Puja

1st November – Dwitiya – Bhaiya Dooj

2. Go Green for Diwali 2016 Celebration

Bursting fire- crackers and lighting diyas is an old way to celebrate Diwali. Create it in your meals is a new style. Make it your celebrations’ highlight.

  • Semolina Cherry Diya

Prepare the diya base (semi-circle) with semolina (sooji) halwa by adding yellow food color or kesar and make its flame shape with pieces of orange Cherry Petha. Decorate with different dry fruits, such as cashew nuts, raisins, pistachios, almonds, etc. This delicious Diya will make a sure shot blast in your sweet treats.

  • Oats Coated Paneer Fingers

Grill Paneer fingers cut in rectangular pieces by coating it with cornflour and maida paste  and wrap it up with mixed spices oats. Arrange it on a plate as a cracker like a leaf with a string made up of red tomato ketchup . Decorate it with green mint leaves on top. This will only leave smiles on everyones faces without any smoke or noise.

3. Color Crazy Rangolis

Rangoli is believed to be drawn on festivals to express the desire of well-being and happiness. Make pretty rangolis by adding lots of chemical free colors in it in different ways. If you do not have a perfect creative edge for rangoli, either get readymade rangoli patterns to save your time or get stencils and just sieve colors through it. You can also arrange flowers in any pretty pattern.

4. Engage Enthusiastic Children

October is a month of holidays, family time and celebration. Instead of bursting crackers, engage your children in some productive and learning activities.

  • Paper Lanterns
  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Flower Wall Hanging
  • Flag Garland for Cards Party

5. Clean Diwali Green Diwali

When Diwali is approaching, everyone starts to clean and decorate their places. Do you know, why? It is believed that Goddess Laxmi loves cleanliness and she arrives at places which are clean and not messy. To make Goddess Laxmi happy and to welcome her, houses are cleaned, painted and decorated beautifully.

6. Worship Wealth Goddess

Worship wealth Goddess Laxmi in order to take her divine blessings on this auspicious festival. Follow rituals by reciting mantras and performing aarti.

7. Make it Stylish and Safe

On this auspicious day, people get dressed up in Indian traditional attire. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid wearing nylon clothes that easily catches fire, as you are surrounded by oil lamps and crackers on Diwali.

8. Fearful Fireworks

Follow all the safety precautions and instructions with regard to the use of fire-crackers.

Store them in a closed box away from the source of ignition and fire and from children.

Burst crackers in open spaces by standing at an arm’s length with a bucket of water by your side and not at crowded and congested places.

Keep an eye on children regularly and they should burn crackers only under the supervision of an adult. Do not carry infants or younger children while bursting crackers.

Take care of pets as they do not like much noise made by fire crackers. Stay with them inside.

Wear thick cotton clothes and footwear while bursting crackers.

9. Crazy Cards

Diwali celebration in India is incomplete without Cards Party and Card games. You can arrange cards theme party or casino theme party at your home and enjoy with friends this Diwali 2016 Celebration after Diwali Pujan. It is believed that people do not sleep the whole night of Diwali to welcome Goddess Laxmi and this is the best way to be awake.

Enjoy! Have a Happy and Safe Diwali 2016 !!


Source by Divya