Accident Claim Queries


Accidents are a part of life. They cannot be avoided but the only good part about it is that it can be claimed. Accidents can be of various kinds like road accidents, accidents at workplace, medical negligence, industrial accidents, falls/slips, etc. If you have suffered any such accident, an accident claim will be beneficial in order to procure compensation. But many victims do not claim as they aren’t sure about the procedure to claim. Here are few of the most common queries.

Can I claim?

Yes, if you have suffered any kind of injury, which somebody else was responsible for, definitely calls for a claim.

Whom do I approach to claim?

A solicitor is the only person whom you should approach in order to make a claim. A solicitor will provide you with free advice. He will thoroughly go through your case and will tell you if it’s a valid case or not.

How much is the solicitor’s fees?

The reason why majority of people don’t claim is because they assume hiring a solicitor incurs high costs. But many lawyers follow the no win no fee principle. The claimant has nothing to do with fees of the solicitor even if the case is in his favour. The solicitor gets his fees from the insurance company of the defendant i.e. only if the lawyer wins the case.

How much compensation will I get?

This compensation amount varies from one case to another. A person who met a road accident and a person who faced an injury due to medical negligence can both claim accident compensation but the amount will vary according to the extent it has contributed to the victims suffering. Generally, all solicitors quote a price, which will be sufficient to bear the essential expenses of the claimant. An accident could stall your future earnings, the taxi fares to the hospital or even your ruined clothes can all be added to your compensation. It’s highly advisable to keep all the receipts of the bills, which can be furnished as evidence.

Do I require preparing any documents?

No, it’s your solicitor’s duty to prepare the necessary documents according to the details that you have provided to him. If required your medical test shall be arranged free of cost. Once his paperwork is complete he might send it to you for confirmation and signature. With a solicitor around you won’t have to do anything at all.

Will the solicitor take away a part of my compensation?

No, your solicitor can never do that. Only the claimant has a right on the compensation received from the third party. There will be no deduction from the compensation amount. You get 100% compensation.

Will I have to visit the court?

It’s less likely to happen. All cases are generally solved out of court via mutual settlement. If the defendant party denies the accident claim, then it’s taken to court.

With the right solicitor, an accident claim will ensure that you win the case and get your compensation. Don’t sit there waiting for the right time, you need to make an intelligent move now in order to enjoy the benefits of the compensation.


Source by Lindsay Nolan