Advice for Preparing Your Vehicle for Storage


Whether you are going on vacation or saving up for extensive repairs you might want to consider storing your vehicle. Putting you vehicle in storage will help protect it from the deterioration that will occur overtime if a vehicle is left out in the open. Before storing your vehicle it is important to take some time to properly prepare it. Failing to prepare your vehicle for storage will often lead to expensive repairs and problems when you try to start using your vehicle in the future.

When you are ready to start preparing your vehicle for storage you must first find a good location to store your vehicle in. It is extremely important that you do not simply park your vehicle somewhere convenient and leave it there. Parking lots and even garages are not always the best place for long term storage, especially if you do not plan to prepare your vehicle for storage. If you are serious about making sure your vehicle is stored properly then you must take some time to find a location that is clean, dry, and completely safe.

Leaving your vehicle in a moist, open, environment will lead to rusting and molding both outside of the car and under the hood in the engine. For the best, long term, results you should invest in a storage facility that offers climate control for vehicles. The storage facility you choose should have experience storing vehicles and take proper safety measures to help avoid theft or damage to your valuable property. Using a professional storage facility is often the best way to keep your vehicle in good condition when you are not able to use it.

After you have found a good location for your vehicle you should start preparing your vehicle for storage. The first thing you should do is attend to basic vehicle maintenance. If you make sure that your vehicle is in the best possible shape before it is stored you will increase your chances of getting from storage in good shape. This maintenance should be completely immediately before placing your vehicle into long term, or short term, storage.

Make sure that your gas tank is filled before putting it in storage. Do not store your vehicle with an empty gas tank or a half filled gas tank. Keeping your vehicles gas tank filled will help prevent moisture from forming that would eventually lead to serious rusting problems. Changing the oil in your vehicle is another way to prevent moisture that will lead to corrosion in your vehicles engine if it is allowed to form. It is best to use synthetic oil for storage since synthetic oil will not break down at the same speed as conventional oil.

Do not forget to remove your battery when you are preparing your vehicle for storage. If you are planning to store your vehicle for a long period of time in a safe location there is no reason to leave the battery in the vehicle. Removing it will help prevent cracking, draining, and acid leaks. Some people do not feel comfortable removing the battery from their vehicle but it is the best way to avoid engine problems that can be caused by leaked acid and corrosion.

Once you have performed basic maintenance on your vehicle it is time to start getting the exterior ready for storage. Carefully wash your vehicle and wax it before storage. This will keep the exterior of your vehicle in good shape even during a long storage period. When cleaning the exterior of the vehicle do not forget the tires. Take some time to wipe down your tires and apply lithium grease to them to help prevent cracking and other problems. After your vehicle is completely clean and prepared cover it with a high quality vehicle cover. This finally layer of protection will keep your car fresh while it is waiting for you.

Last, but not least, do not forget pest control. No matter where your vehicle is stored rodents and insects might be able to find there way into the building. Place rodent traps and insect poison or bait around the outside of the vehicle. Many people forget to take steps to prevent infestations never realizing that rodents and insects can easily get into a stored vehicle nesting in and damaging the interior.

When done correctly preparing your vehicle for storage is no different than performing routine maintenance and care. Taking the time to service and clean your vehicle will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and high repair bills when the time comes to take your vehicle out of storage.


Source by Simply Self Storage