Affordable Fun Transportation via Scooter


With gas prices continuing to climb, many are looking for ways to lessen the cost of traveling, especially for the commute to work or school. There are many ways to do this. Some people carpool. Some utilize public transportation system and others walk. Some are switching to smaller cars. And some are going to one of the cheapest forms of motor transportation available – scooters.

Scooters can get amazing gas mileage to make your stops to the gas station few and far between. And some scooters are electric, making gas and motor oil unnecessary. However, they aren’t always practical if you have a very long commute.

Scooters that are street legal can generally keep up with the speed limits inside city limits, but not always outside. They are very practical and useful for those who don’t have to travel a long way outside of city limits. However, traveling thirty miles an hour could make a forty mile trip take a lot longer than it should.

Not all scooters are too slow for the open highway. Keep in mind what you are looking for when you go looking for a scooter. Ask any questions that you should ask, such as how fast a particular scooter should go, whether it should go off road, and general maintenance.

Now that you’ve heard the one downside of driving a scooter, you may be a little turned off. You may think that scooters are too slow and they are only for dweebs and those who have nowhere to go. However, you should know that the dweeb image is being turned around. There is actually scooter racing, even on the little scooters. Thirty-five miles an hour may seem really slow on the open highway, but on a racing track it can be very fast. These little engines can actually get the average person pretty far off of the ground.

A scooter could be great for your child’s first mode of transportation. Not only can they take them to work and school and back, they can do it cheaply. Also, most adolescent wrecks happen when multiple people are in the vehicle. That is not really an option on a scooter, which may help lessen the parental worry.

Also, scooters and their fuel, if any and maintenance can be very affordable for a person with a low paying or part time job. This can be great for the student with only an after school job.

Scooters can be great for economic efficiency, but they can also be for recreational purposes, depending on what type of scooter you purchase. Keep in mind your purpose for getting a scooter when you purchase one. If it is for riding around town, make sure that you get a model that is street legal.

Electric scooters are not only economically efficient; they are good for the environment. Without the gas and oil to burn, electric motors create less pollution for a environmental friendly ride.


Source by Charles Kassotis