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Mahindra Scorpio is the ultimate name for off-roading adventures and customer satisfaction. Scorpio has been named the ‘Best Entry Level SUV in India.’ The owners of an SUV like Scorpio, are bound to have many fun and adventure stories to tell. Here are the stories of a few of the thousand of satisfied Scorpio owners.

Mr Manav Garewal (14th August ’09): The whole process of handing over the 2 vehicles was done with feeling emotion and professionally. We are in the process of replacing our old scorpios with new ones and are very happy with the service

Dr Mourad Ihab (29th Jan ’09):I live in Cairo, Egypt. I had a great trip with my new Mahindra Scorpio 4×4 diesel.

Shankar Balan, Bangalore (06th May ’08): Observations after a hard driving trip to Ooty and back (770 Km all incl plus ~400 km in the city)

Engine: Brilliant feeling. First class pickup, Lovely feel on the long distance highway- effortless mile munching engine.

Driving Comfort: Fantastic, snug and secure when belted up in the front 2 seats. My wife kept saying how comfortable and safe she felt in the Scorpio all the way. The Scorpio handled all bad stretches with ease. High ground clearance helped a great deal.

Hill Driving: The compact proportions of the Scorpio and its good clicky and tight gearing makes for a very good hill driving experience.  It is a real pleasure to drive the Scorpio on the good roads between Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri and back up from Kotagiri to Doddabetta and thus to Ooty.   Even on the bad stretches of rutted, muddy roads inside certain parts of Ooty and around the Nilgiris, we noticed the Scorpio handling everything without any protest.  All in all, I am extremely glad I chose to stick with Mahindra vehicles over all other choices and buy the new Scorpio Crde 2.6 Lx. I really enjoy owning this vehicle!

Noni Chawla, Spiti: A few pictures that I took in Spiti (in my last Scorpio). The last picture shows the 24×7 landslide that we had to go through.

Diptinder, Gurgaon (11th February ’08): A lovely cruise from Gurgaon to Jodhpur and back. Took the opportunity to floor the accelerator.

Suresh Srinivasan, Mumbai (9th February ’08):The Scorpio has played a significant part in the life of our family. I have been amongst the first few to own a Scorpio in India. I drove the vehicle for 3 and half years clocking nearly 90,000 kms but never had a problem with it. I sold that Scorpio and got myself the latest Scorpio VLX. However, the reason for my strong attachment to the Scorpio is this one defining moment of my life!

One night, when my Scorpio was just 15 days old, we were returning home from a social function when my family and I met with a massive accident. Our Scorpio climbed a heap of sand on the road and hit the pole. As the pole fell, it came down in a manner which could have beheaded all of us, but I give it to the build of the vehicle, that all of us escaped unhurt. Here, I would like to take the name of Mr. Sandeep Ketkar of Mahindra & Mahindra, who had taken special interest in getting rectified all problems related to my car even prior to this incident. In fact, that night, he arranged for another Scorpio to take us home and even offered that we could keep a substitute vehicle for 15 days till our Scorpio gets back in shape!

Despite such a massive crash, M&M and Sai Auto put it back together so beautifully that for all the 90,000 kms, I never had any problems.

For me, these were moments which laid the foundation of my trust in the Scorpio and Mahindra& Mahindra and I hope with the passage of time, it only grows stronger.

A word in praise of the Scorpio VLX- in the 45 days that I have been owning it, I have clocked 5000 kms and the new 2200 cc engine is behaving and responding beautifully.

Paul Sebastian D’Souza, Mumbai (5th February ’08): Since my childhood days, I have been an engine freak. From the time of the Mahindra Commander I was always keen on owning an Indian SUV but didn’t have the money to buy one. So, to fulfill my dream, this is what I did – I was a chain smoker (60-70 cigarettes a day) with an average spend of Rs. 420 per day on cigarettes. When my son was 3 months old, I quit smoking and ever since then have been saving that money. Today he is 11 and half years old. I saved enough to buy a Mahindra vehicle. And I am glad to have brought the latest model of the Scorpio – the VLX. Initially, no one believed I had the money to buy such a car, not even my wife! But eventually, I proved all of them wrong. I am also happy that taking my example, some of my friends have quit smoking too.

Bobby Singh Chandel, Mumbai (4th February ’08): My association with the Scorpio is around 3 years old. Previously, I owned the Scorpio DX. I have always felt that the Scorpio is a sturdy and strong car. And, the biggest proof I got was when my friends and I met with a major accident. We were traveling at a high speed and the impact was so huge that what was left of the vehicle was nothing more than scrap! Fortunately, all of us escaped with minor scratches and bruises. I have no doubt that the manufacturing quality and especially the safety features of the Scorpio had a major role to play in saving our lives. Kudos to the company!

This was definitely a key factor when I chose to buy the latest model of the Scorpio – the Scorpio VLX.

Salil Peter, Kerala (03rd October ’07): My friend Rajeev and I went on a forest safari challenge in Wayanad district, Kerala in my Scorpio SLX. Wayanad is close to the Karnataka border and we drove the Scorpio through a small river in 4 feet of water, but nothing happened to it!

If you are a Mahindra Scorpio owner or simply an ardent fan of this great SUV and you have great stories and pictures of Scorpio, You can share it with millions.

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Source by Murtaza. Soni