Amazon Kindle How-to Series: Replacing the Battery on Your Amazon Kindle


Since the Amazon Kindle is a fairly new innovation, most owners have not had their Kindle e-book reader long enough to require a new battery. However, if you use your Kindle frequently and charge it often then you may get to the point where the battery doesn’t seem to last as long as when your Kindle was new. This is not an usual phenomenon – most rechargeable batteries have a “life” measured in number of re-charges.

Another reason that you may wish to replace the battery on your Kindle is that you are going to be using it for a long period of time and can’t charge it. For example let’s say you are planning a trip with a long international airplane flight. In this case you can take two (or more) fully charged Kindle batteries with you and replace them as required.

To save battery life, the Kindle goes into a “sleep” mode if you have not been reading an e-book or listening to an audio book for a long period of time. You’ll recognize when your Kindle has entered “sleep” mode because a screen saver will appear on your screen in-place of the book you were reading. Kindle comes with built-in screen savers, or you can check the site in the resource box below to learn how-to create your own.

Your Amazon Kindle has a built-in battery power meter you will find at the bottom right-side of the screen. The battery power meter is right next to the wireless signal strength meter. It’s sometimes easy to get these meters confused. The wireless signal strength indicator appears as a bar graph with a small antenna in-front of the first bar. When your battery power meter shows nearly all white you know it’s either time to recharge your Kindle or replace your battery. If the power meter goes down quickly after a charge it may be time to replace your battery.

Here’s how you replace the battery on your Amazon Kindle:

1. Turn-off your Kindle 

2. Find a soft cloth or other means to protect the face of your Kindle 

3. Place your Kindle face down on a flat, secure surface 

4. Slide the gray back cover off of your Kindle 

5. You will see the gray battery in it’s compartment 

6. Note the battery compartment has a rounded “notch” on one end 

7. Using your finger (not a screwdriver or any other device that might damage your Kindle)gently push the battery to the back of the compartment then lift it out 

8. The battery is attached to your Kindle by a white plastic connector and several wires 

9. GENTLY pull the white connector back until the battery is disconnected from your Kindle 

10. Attach your new battery by pushing the white wiring connector into the proper location in the battery compartment 

11. Seat the battery into the back of the battery compartment – make sure the white wiring connector is attached properly 

12. Press the battery down at the front of the battery compartment – note that the battery and the compartment have a small notch and grove to help you line-up the battery 

13. Replace the cover 

14 Turn on your Kindle and you’re ready to get back to reading your favorite e-book or listening to your favorite audio book

Congratulations! You have just learned how-to replace the battery in your Amazon Kindle.

While this is not a procedure everyone will do regularly it’s helpful to know either when your battery does not hold a charge or if you are traveling with more than one charged battery.

One more important point! The battery in your Amazon Kindle is made from Lithium Polymer. It should be disposed of properly – likely at a battery recycling center located near you.


Source by Michael Piston