Another 12 Horrible People We've All Probably Shared A Plane With


There’s no end to shameful behavior on planes, it seems.

If you need evidence of just how awful some people can be while sitting on a giant shiny metal tube jammed with another couple of hundred people, take a quick glimpse at the Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

Last year I wrote an article, 12 Of The Worst People On Airplanes, including people who can’t keep their feet to themselves, those who clip their toenails and gym/yoga junkies who like to show off their athletic prowess on planes.

But what about the bad parents, those who bring stinky food on board and people who leave the bathrooms more disgusting than anyone thought possible?

Just for fun, discover 12 new horrible people we’ve probably all shared a plane with. And it of course involves more feet.

1. The Foot Chef

Dinner is served! The main course? Feet! Not only will you be feasting on some chicken and veg, but also probably a dose of athlete’s foot. The Foot Chef likes to serve up a dish of their own feet on their tray table, and does not care that someone else needs to eat off it after them. The takeaway here is don’t forget to wipe down the tray table with some antiseptic wipes next time you fly.

2. The Bathroom Grub

Dirty diapers, poop on the seat, pee in the sink, pee on the floor, paper towels everywhere… some of us have probably walked into a plane bathroom and thought, na, I’ll just hold it. The Bathroom Grub doesn’t care what state they leave that tiny bathroom in for others, and they’re probably also the same people who don’t wear shoes in there too.

3. The Bad Parent

Just as letting your kid kick the back of someone’s seat, or tear up and down the aisle yelling ‘I’m an airplane too!’ is a parenting fail, so is allowing your child to vandalize a plane.

4. The Hungry, Hungry Flyer

The on-board meals served during the flight aren’t enough for The Hungry, Hungry Flyer, so they bring their own. And it’s never odorless or even pleasant smelling – it’s always something stinky like eggs, tuna, oranges or last night’s garlic-filled dinner.

5. The Lounge Room Lizard

This unfortunately not-so-rare-type of lizard species treats the plane like it’s their lounge room. Slouching? Check. Half clothed? Check. Legs splayed? Check. Total disregard for everyone around them? Check. As long as they’re comfortable, it’s all good for The Lounge Room Lizard.

6. Mr/Ms Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself

Mr/Ms Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself loves to put their hands in other people’s space. Almost as bad as The Rapunzel (the passenger in front of you who flicks their mane over the back of their seat), this person believes you’d rather be staring at their hand show than the show on your television screen. The remedy for this encroachment? “Coughing uncontrollably or sneezing”, according to Passenger Shaming followers.

7. The Bag Know-It-All

Anyone with eyes can see that bag won’t fit under the seat, but The Bag Know-It-All will try to shove it under there anyway. Apparently this guy delayed the plane because he refused to believe the flight crew that his bag wouldn’t fit. Probably best to listen to the crew and just do as they say.

8. The Peakaboo Feet

Like a nightmare game of peekaboo, this is what you see when you look down from your seat. The owner of The Peakaboo Feet loves to stick their no-shoe-wearing hooves under your seat and into your personal space. Another flyer who can’t keep their extremities to themselves.

9. The Drunk

We’ve all come across them. They might be the girls at a hen’s party, the guys at a bachelor party, or just some jerk who’s had a few too many. According to the UK’s flight regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), low air pressure when flying effectively thins the blood, which means the effects of alcohol can be stronger, so go steady.

10. The Amateur Beautician

Who doesn’t love the smell of nail products in an enclosed cabin with recirculated air? Umm, probably no one. Bring the nail polish if you’re allowed, but don’t paint your nails in flight. With its noxious fumes, this falls under the disrespectful smell category, along with oranges and stinky eggs.

11. The Floor is My Bed Flyer

How is this even comfortable? If you overlook the fact that one small twitch and he’ll smash his face into that piece of metal, there’s also the issue of dozens of people stepping on him and the cart running over him. Not to mention all the gross things that probably lurk on a plane’s carpet. And that this is just nuts.

12. Anyone Who Tries To Open A Plane Door

And finally, anyone who tries to, or is successful in, opening a plane door on your flight is also pretty horrible. Apparently this guy opened the door when the plane was taxiing back to the terminal because he “needed fresh air”. And even though it’s impossible to open the door mid-flight due to pressurization, it’s still pretty shocking if anyone tries. Just say no and wait until you reach the terminal like everyone else.

Have you seen some of these bad behaviors in flight? Maybe you’ve seen even worse? Let us know your thoughts and comments below, and if you enjoyed this story, please share!


Source by Roberta Mancuso