Architectural Aluminum Industry


Aluminum is a kind of architectural decoration of structural materials, in order to enhance its decorative effect, to enhance corrosion resistance and extend the period of use, in addition to individual circumstances, must go through surface treatment. Therefore, the production of architectural aluminum surface treatment has become indispensable for a very important process. There are many ways of surface treatment can be used for different purposes according to the material of the corresponding surface treatment. Commonly used commercial surface treatment methods are: anodic oxidation coloring method, electrostatic powder spraying method, fluorocarbon spraying, electrophoresis coating, chemical coloring method, Watermark processing method.

China Architectural Aluminum Extrusion Company exception of a few outside the factory has its own surface treatment production line, China has eight specialized aluminum surface treatment company in Guangdong Province.

Melting and ingot casting

Architectural Aluminum Melting and Casting in the production process is a critical process, right profile of the mechanical properties and surface properties play a decisive role. Therefore, all the business to alloying, melting, purification and homogenization attach great significance.

At present, about 70% of the construction is aluminum with the same level of hot top casting of the ingot extrusion system production, there are introduced in the United States the world’s advanced casting machine 17 sets, which Nanping Aluminum for the fully automated, Hing Fat aluminum Profile Factory Co., Ltd. first introduced in 1989, such equipment. China now has basically mastered the manufacture of such equipment, technology and round ingot casting process. 2008 China’s domestic production of about 155 units on the same level of hot top casting machine.

China has also introduced five units within the British black Gemu Lin’s guide hydraulic casting machine. National round ingot casting machines of the total production capacity of 6000kt a, put it aside for about 1200 sets of smelting furnace group.

Chinese construction enterprises Aluminum Extrusion regenerative melting furnace put it aside, not many, about 38%, the rest can not be recovered waste heat, the former high thermal efficiency up to 55%, which is lower, and some do not to 30%. Therefore, the industry average thermal efficiency of nearly 45%, compared with more than 65% of the industrially developed countries is much lower, but lower than 33% of domestic total energy and high a lot.

Most of extrusion plants in China are melting shop, there are about more than 85% of the ingot is produced by extrusion plant itself, while the industrially developed countries have more than 70% of the ingot casting by aluminum factory or professional production plants. The domestic situation must be improved. Most have aluminum extrusion ingot plant in the industry can improve economic efficiency, saving energy and raw materials, environmental protection is also helpful. At present, there are a number of large aluminum plant have been built or are building high tech foundry ingot.


Aluminum extrusion die is one of the most critical equipment, the price about 8% of the cost of aluminum manufacturing. To extend the service life of dies to reduce the production costs are important. China’s medium sized architectural aluminum extrusion plant are mostly that they have mold manufacturing workshop, but some medium sized enterprises and almost all of the small business is purchased or contracted out to mold the professional mold manufacturing enterprise. China has 275 construction companies are not producing aluminum molds, accounting for 49.11% of the total number of enterprises.

China in the mold materials, design, manufacturing, surface treatment, repair mold technology and size detection technology, life, etc. and there is a large gap between the industrialized countries, CAD CAM technology is not widely used, die an average life expectancy is only 6 , 7 tons, and a far cry from the industrialized countries for more than 20t. There are many factors affect the die life, such as, composition and manufacturing methods, design, surface treatment, repair mold technology, large or small, have a relationship. Therefore, improving the die life is a complicated systematic project, the need for longer term development.

Energy saving window insulation cold bridge aluminum profile

In recent years, China’s construction market on the energy saving rapid development of plastic doors and windows, has accounted for more than 35% market share. As the door window frame area of about 30% of the entire window area, so in order to achieve the purpose of an effective energy saving moisture, the door window frame material selection very important. Europe and the United States as early as 20 years of money out of Asian countries on the development of highly effective energy saving aluminum doors and windows materials: insulation cold bridge aluminum door window frame profiles, their energy saving performance compare very favorably with steel.

Since the 20th century, since the early 90s, China has introduced a thermal aluminum production line, production capacity of about 420kt a. The production process of this profile are: Rolling method and perfusion. The former dominant. Rolling law compartment (broken) Heat is a band of glass fiber reinforced polyamide nylon 66, the strength aluminum alloy 6063 with a considerable, not only has a high insulation performance, and can be used for screw; injection method used in rubber non polymer gel.

Building the ratio of aluminum and industrial aluminum profile

Extrusion generally divided into two categories according to purpose: First, building and structural aluminum, industrial aluminum profile 2. “Construction” mainly refers to the doors, windows, parapets, walls and other types of use of the profile; and “structure” refers to stadium, airport terminals, hangars, warehouses and other force structure roof, activity rooms, bridges, streets and highways and other relevant facilities of the framework. In addition to industry profiles refers to use of buildings and structures other than the aluminum used in all uses.

According to a survey shows that China’s industrial aluminum proportion of 28%. With China’s rapid industrial development, industrial aluminum profile will be increasingly large proportion is expected in 2012 may account for 45% or higher. However, at least in the foreseeable period of time did not meet 70% of the possibilities.

In accordance with international practice, the extrusion of the industrial uses are divided into: transportation, consumer durables, electronic equipment, machinery and equipment, containers and packaging. Extruded aluminum in China will be divided into building materials and industrial materials is reasonable.


Architectural Aluminum is AL Mg Si alloy extrusion, and to go through artificial aging treatment. National Architectural Aluminum Manufacturer of about 1350 units aging furnace, with a total processing capacity of about 4500kt a. China’s handling of 6063 type system of multi alloy profiles for the 200 ? insulation 1.5h ~ 2h, rather than 175 ? insulation 8h best system, although the mechanical properties up to standard requirements, but the performance potential of the alloy has not been fully realized. Also in the extruder when the cooling rate of quenching was generally not enough, that the profiles from the last typhoon machine temperatures mostly in the 300 ?.

Extrusion output

1979 ~ 2008, this 30 years China and architectural aluminum extrusion production average annual growth rate of 38.28%, the real in a sustained, stable and fast development momentum in the world’s aluminum extrusion is unprecedented in the history of industrial development .

30 years of reform and opening up, China’s total production of extruded aluminum for 39.544.385kt, the total output of construction Extruded 28475.135kt, industrial production of extruded profiles 11069.25kt, squeezing of the construction materials production accounts for production of extruded profiles 72.0 %, and other kinds of industrial extruded profiles of the total profiles of the total 28%. If the squeeze tube is counted, then the proportion of industrial extrusion materials will be larger.

Extruded aluminum import and export volume and apparent consumption of

1984 ~ 2008 China’s apparent consumption of aluminum extrusion was the general upward trend, as of 2008 China’s output of aluminum extrusion 7553.472kt, import volume 62.035kt, the export volume of 262.730kt, net imports To 200.695kt, apparent consumption of 7352.777kt. Due to the global financial crisis, in 2008, net exports fell.

China was the last century the late 80s and early 90s there have been a net exporter of the phenomenon, but in 2001, China became a net exporter of aluminum continuous, and along with China’s accession to WTO and the Chinese aluminum market, improvement of competitiveness, as well as The strengthening of foreign trade, profiles of net exports would increase every year.

Aluminum of China’s exports in 2008, the average price of 2921.09 U.S. dollars t, the average price of imported aluminum 3289.52 U.S. dollars t, the average price of imported aluminum higher than that of exports by 12.7%, showing that imports are higher added value or domestic currently can not produce high tech precision aluminum alloy industry. However, the price difference between import and export of aluminum is not that the quality of China’s aluminum round to catch up with the world advanced level.

From the last century, China has been since the mid 90’s aluminum windows and doors and their frames, thresholds and aluminum structural parts of a net exporter, and the net export volume increased year by year, 1998, net exports 41.064kt, 2008 years of 553.928kt, 10 years, an increase of 12.5 times the average annual increase of 31.52%.

1999 import and export of aluminum doors and windows of the unit price difference of 3559 U.S. dollars t, while in 2008 this value is 3999 U.S. dollars t; However, in 1999 unit price of imports of aluminum doors and windows of the unit price than the exit doors and other high 172.8%, while the 2008 years, the ratio of reduced to 107.8%. This can be drawn, the added value of imports of aluminum doors and windows is much higher than exports, but this value decreased rapidly, indicating the quality of Chinese products in a large margin.


Source by Lanbo Jiang