Arctic Cat Prowler Review


Faced with competition from the new Polaris Rangers, Arctic Cat has redesigned their Prowler series to be one of the most powerful ATVs on the market. While the original Arctic Cat Prowler was mediocre compared to the other high end vehicles in the market, the new Prowler includes an engine which puts all other vehicles in their place. The new 951cc H2 V-Twin engine gives the Prowler enough power to pull heavy loads even on hills. Along with the improved power, the Prowler also features a higher suspension, 10 inches, and shock absorbers which allow for much smoother driving.

The Arctic Cat Prowler isn’t your average vehicle. Because it’s produced by Arctic Cat, one can expect top of the line performance. However, it goes beyond that. The Prowler is bigger, badder, and much more powerful than the average ATV. In fact, the vehicle itself is more the size of a tractor than an actual ATV. However, don’t be fooled just by its size. This vehicle is able to accelerate quickly to more than 50 miles per hour with its fuel injected engine. The body suspension and enhanced steering allow the rider to easily navigate through any type of terrain. The combination of its size and performance make the Arctic Cat an extremely versatile vehicle. Whether one is planning to climb uphill for recreation, or pull heavy weight for work, the Prowler can effectively handle any type of situation.

Along with the hidden power inside its mechanics, the Arctic Cat Prowler also proudly sports 14 inch steel rim wheels along with a 550 Flat Bed. With these wheels, the Prowler can easily go on rough terrains, making any place accessible. The flat bed itself is a great feature for any farmer or adventurer. Able to carry more than 600 pounds, the flat bed is a useful tool when traveling with a heavy load. Because of its powerful engine, you don’t even have to worry about being slowed down by what’s in the bed.

Another great feature about the prowler is its stability and smooth performance. Although the engine has enough powerful to propel the vehicle quickly, it produces an extremely low amount of noisy. You could almost say the Arctic Cat Prowler purrs when it’s running. Also, the handling is smooth enough that one wouldn’t realize they’re driving a vehicle weighing half a ton, even around the turns.

The Arctic Cat Prowler is a spectacular vehicle. It has speed, power, and performance worthy of its title as a high end vehicle. Because it was designed by Arctic Cat, you can also bet that the vehicle is guaranteed to satisfy. For a modest price, the Arctic Prowler provides quite the enjoyable ride.


Source by NiyazK