Beating the Stress While Driving


In the last ten years the number of cars on the road has reached a sky rocketing 8 million, and it’s predicted that by 2035, this number will have quadrupled bringing the total to 3 billion. This haunting statistic can only mean one thing for the roads, traffic is out of control, and it’s only going to get worse. Whether you’re trying to get to work on time or you’re one of the thousands who have trucker jobs, the following are ways to beat the stresses of driving to protect yourself and others on the road.

  • Listen to music you enjoy.
  • Roll down the window and enjoy the nice weather.
  • Get off the freeway and go an alternative route if you can.
  • Slow down. Try to avoid moving at excessively higher rates of speed. This won’t get you to your destination more than a few minutes quicker and will increase your blood pressure and anxiety.
  • Don’t let traffic push you. Remain aware of your driving and what is going on around you.
  • Give larger vehicles more room. Avoid staying in their “blind spot” or you’re asking for a wreck.
  • Pull over and take a few minutes to stretch. Walk around, jog around your car, bend your legs, and stretch your arms… anything to wake you up.
  • Maintain steady breathing. Sit up straight and allow the blood to flow freely through your body.
  • When in traffic, pick a lane and stay there, excessive lane movements increase stress and the odds of an accident.


Source by Janae