Best Brand New Cars of 2010


As the year comes and goes, various car manufacturing companies introduce a flurry of all-new models. And, if we talk about the car industry, over the last few years major updates have taken place. In fact, in the last few years redesigning and updating the present existing car models with greater frequency have been the major trend in the auto industry. Ultimately, these factors have always made the selection and shopping process of cars very tricky. The chances are more when you come across a situation when you find a car that was best-in-class just a few years ago, but suddenly it turns out to be the middle-of-the-pack as the new year approaches. This year too, the car industry has witnessed the introduction of new cars. In fact, from sports sedans to utility vehicles, this year too car lovers can expect something more in order to suit every taste and price range. However, in case if you are looking to purchase a new car this year, here are some of the best known models that you can think of:

Audi S4: The all new Audi S4 is another Audi’s attempt to tone down the car in order to contend with other less-expensive competitors such as the Mercedes C350 or the Lexus IS350. Featuring excellent performance, this new car is available at a feasible price. This new model even features all new supercharged V6 that makes it much quicker than the old V8-powered S4. Moreover, it even features an outstanding suspension and Quattro all-wheel-drive that plays an effective role in making it faster in the corners than many of its 400+ hp rivals.

Ford Mustang: For many years, the thorn in the Mustang’s side has been its solid rear axle. In fact, ol’ Henry used the same technology on his Model T. However, it took almost over a hundred years, when Ford has lastly tamed the solid axle, and this is the first Mustang which most car lovers can honestly state that archaic rear suspension makes no difference. The 2010 Ford Mustang is much improved, with a thorough overhaul that will help it take on the new Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro. It terms of appearance, 2010 Mustang has a complete new redesigned interior and exterior. While at the back, the 2010 Mustang represents its tail lamps, the new shape pays dividends in fuel economy and aerodynamic stability.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: The all-new 2010 Mercedes E is another big leap over the old car in terms of look, styling and safety features. It features all new tranquil interior and assures every car lover a quiet and comfort ride. The new model also goes to extra length to draw attention to its unique Mercedes styling elements, predominantly its broad chrome grill and dual headlights. Apart from this, the new model has also got various advanced safety features, along with headlamps and new lane-departure warning and driver-monitoring system.

Ford Fusion Hybrid: The Fusion Hybrid can be counted among other models that is worth to have this year. The 2010 Fusion Hybrid has the best fuel economy of any mid-size hybrid sedan, which is definitely better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Nissan Altima Hybrid in a small margin. Its hybrid drivetrain is better in efficiency. Besides this, its customizable dash display is more innovative and entertaining. Though the Fusion Hybrid may not have been the first mid-size hybrid sedan, but this year it’s definitely going to give good competition to other best car models available in the market.

These are some of the best car models that you can really expect to rule the road in the year 2010. So by now if you have made up your mind to purchase any of these models, it is advisable to perform proper research regarding the authenticate dealers. If you are planning for online shopping ensure the transparency in the mode of payment and verify the dealer’s authenticity. Besides this, you can even check whether the dealer offers any after-sales service after you purchase the car. Today owning a car matters a lot, but the importance of a good selection of a car cannot be ignored.


Source by Tis Amit