Best Downsized SUV’s


Many of the luxury or large sized SUVs are filling up dealership lots, while some of the best downsized SUVs continue to sell. Many of these smaller, car-based vehicles are good alternatives to larger models since they get better gas mileage while delivering the same level of amenities, power and practicality that consumers expect.

Three small upscale SUVs like the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Land Rover LR2, and the Infiniti EX35 are at the top of many review panels. The Tiguan and the EX35 have great performance and exceptional handling. The Land Rover LR2, in comparison, out-performed all other similar sized vehicles in off-road tests without any low-range gearing. The Tiguan and the EX35 are new models, while the LR2 replaces the Land Rover Freelander. New prices for these three vehicles range from $35,000 to $40,000.

Some less expensive small SUVs would include the new and redesigned Subaru Forester XT and the Toyota RAV4. Both of these models were given a better crash test rating than any other similar vehicles of this design.

When it comes to downsized SUVs, with its latest revisions, the Murano offers a more defined ride and a newly designed interior. Although it is a less sporty vehicle compared to its original model, the price is much less than the other models, which contain comparable equipment, such as the Lexus RX350, while scoring just as well.

The latest Toyota Highlander model, which is another downsized SUV, is currently the top-rated vehicle of its class in all venues. In performance, crash test, maneuverability, and other road-worthy tests, it stands above and beyond any other comparable SUV in its class.

Future downsized SUVs include the sporty, redesigned 2009 Honda Pilot as well as the all-new Ford Flex. Sporty mid-sized SUVs of the future include the BMW X6, the Infiniti FX, and the Toyota Venza.


Source by Bond Mejeh