Best Gas Mileage Cars – How to Get the Best Mpg With Hydrogen Conversion Hybrids


With today’s gas prices going up by leaps and bounds, people are looking more and more for a solution, wondering, what are the best gas mileage cars?  The best gas mileage cars you can get today in America are generally hybrids.  Some new models are worth the added cost in the long run and some are not.  And some people are using hydrogen conversion instead – to convert their current cars, trucks and semis into hybrids.

For new models, the best gas mileage cars right now are the toyota hybrids, saturn hybrid, nissan hybrid, and the Ford Escape suv hybrid.  The Toyota Prius gets the best mpg with an average of 48 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway and an estimated yearly fuel cost of $1250.  The Saturn Vue Hybrid gets 25 mpg city and 32 hwy, with an annual fuel cost of $2056, according to EPA estimates.

The problem with buying a new car to save gas – is that in some respects it doesn’t make financial sense.  Unless you need a new car – or want to replace your gas guzzler entirely, and you don’t mind larger car payments, then this can be an option.

However, if you own a gas guzzling vehicle and you rather like it – because of size, or it fits your needs or whatever, then there is another option thousands of people are using right now to save 30 – 50% and more on gas, getting the best mpg in their current vehicle – with many folks doubling their gas mileage.

What we’re talking about is hydrogen conversion.  Recently in the news, a police department in South Carolina started implementing hydrogen conversion in their vehicles.
The Mayor and Police Department of Honea Path, SC have been investigating hydrogen conversion to see if  fuel cell technology was legitimate.   After doing their research and investigating it for a few months, the police Chief reported a 6 to 8 mpg increase by using techniques taught in a popular online guide.

So, before you throw thousands of dollars at a new hybrid to save gas money, maybe you’ll want to take a look at your options.


Source by Haden Freed