Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kits Can Help to Reduce Car Accidents


Remember watching Star Trek? The brightly colored shirts, black pants (that always seemed a bit too short) and the unusual triangular shaped ornament on their shirts?

Captain Jean-Luc Picard would find himself in some life-threatening situation and he would simply touch the ornament (referred to by Trekkies as a Starfleet Communicator) and he would be in instant communication with someone on the Enterprise.

Now that was the stuff of science fiction. I mean, who would have thought we would have personal communication devices that would allow us to be in contact with virtually anyone in the world. That was incomprehensible not so very long ago.

Today we have cell phones that are, in fact, our personal communication devices. These tools allow us to stay in contact with others. New technology allows us to check email, download a visual map and even play games and music on our phones if we like, but perhaps in an ode to Captain Picard the advancements in cell phones didn’t stop there.

Conversation in the 21st century can be handsfree and entirely mobile.

We may have no idea how the personal communication devices in Star Trek operated or how they kept a charge (did you ever see the crew charging those things?). However, car adapter kits allow Bluetooth technology to remain active and charged when your on the go.

You’ve seen those who have a coffee cup in one hand, a cell phone in the other, they’re driving with their knees and elbows and have no other appendages with which to signal a lane change. Who knows, I might be describing your morning commute.

Bluetooth technology can simplify phone conversations on the go. The inner ear receiver allows full reception of calls while it keeps your hands free to attend to little things like the turn signal.

I was talking to a gentleman on the phone recently that was on the freeway outside a metropolitan area. He was on his cell phone without Bluetooth, looking up product numbers on his laptop and faxing me through his laptop all at 70 miles per hour. I don’t recommend that.

The use of Bluetooth is often mandated, by various municipalities and states if you are going to use the phone while driving.

The use of this device provides a safer transit and a quicker response time in virtually all instances – even many first responders use Bluetooth for a full compliment of communication needs without additional risk.

Many car accidents happen when people are using their cell phone in transit. Sometimes you will find drivers slowing down while using the phone occasionally causing traffic jams. Others will drive like they usually would, but may not drive safely as they concentrate more on holding the phone than they do on the road in front of them and the traffic around them.

Handsfree discussions are a much better way to remain safe and informed. Car adapter kits can make Bluetooth a reality for you when traveling across town or across the United States.


Source by Joel McLaughlin