Boreem Jia, BMX, and Freedom: Which Electric Scooter is Best For You?


Earth-friendly, economical, and fun for everyday use, the electric scooter is making waves as a recreational machine. It may not be street legal in most states, which means they can’t be ridden on highways and other public streets, but they’re still fun to use for moving around in private roads. And of course, if you’re buying something to ride, you’ll want something that comes with style. That is why the more stylish machines, such as the BMX, Freedom and Boreem Jia brand scooters are making their way into the wish lists of children and adults alike.

There are many types of scooters out in the market – you have your pick between electric and gas-powered, and you can select from a wide range of designs, power and prices. But if you’ve got your heart set on a high-end electric scooter, you need not look further than these three famous brands: BMX, Freedom and Boreem Jia. If you want an electric scooter that would make an excellent gift, or simply an excellent first vehicle, these are the brands you should be looking at.

It may surprise auto enthusiasts to know that BMX also offers electric scooters. This forerunner in the biking industry has spread its wings to include motorized vehicles for children and teens. If you want bikes that have batteries that last a long time, the batteries that come with BMX scooters may be what you are looking for. These claim to last over 2000 recharges, compared to the standard 300 max recharges that other battery-powered scooters could take. BMX also boasts of having tough frames that could last for quite a bit.

The Boreem Jia specializes in speed. The 350S model can go as fast as 20 mph, at a range of 20 miles. However, the Freedom 946 electric scooter comes quite close, at a max speed of 19 mph and a max range of 17 miles. However, note that the frame of many Boreem Jia and Freedom models are similar to those of low-end scooters. You have the manufacturers’ word that these frames are not frail as the cheaper models’ frames are, but you may want something fancier for a first scooter, or a scooter that you’re giving away as a gift.

If speed and not style is your preference, a Boreem Jia or a Freedom is the machine for you. Having a fast scooter grants its own boasting rights, after all. However, the promise of endurance and a brand name to boast about gives the BMX an added edge. Weigh your options carefully if you want your first electric scooter buy to be a wise investment. Certainly more affordable and lower quality scooters are up for grabs, but why settle for less?


Source by Trevor Mulholland