Car Accident Claims – What to Do If You Get Involved in Car Accidents in the UK


UK is considered to be among countries that have the best road safety conditions. In spite of all this, there are still many accidents that occur on daily basis. The number of these accidents prevails further in winters when the weather and road conditions become somewhat unfavorable. Many safety measures are taken by people to reduce the probability of a possible accident. However, it is not completely possible to avoid accidents at all.

As far as road safety measures are concerned, roads in the UK are known to be among the best.

The number of accidents in UK that are of serious and fatal nature is over forty thousand on yearly basis. The number of people killed each year in the accidents is more than thirty five hundred. In order to avoid accidents at maximum, you should limit your driving to such conditions where there is no other solution besides driving. Other than that, you should also avoid driving in bad weather conditions.

In case, you unfortunately encounter an accident, it is very important to take the right steps in order to save yourself from any further trouble. It is important that you remain calm after an accident so as to save yourself from any further damages than the ones already being done. As soon as the accident occurs, you should determine the extent of injuries to the people involved along with the damage done to the vehicle.

Getting panicked never helps, so you should think rationally and not do anything that might cause further problems afterwards. One thing you should be careful about is not to discuss the accident with anyone else other than the police. This is important because sometimes in panic you don’t realise what you’re saying. In addition, you should not admit your fault or admit anything in front of anyone. The only people you should talk to about the accident are the police officers and your insurance agent.

Even if the accident is a minor one, you should report to the police so that there is a legal report, and presence of evidence that the accident actually occurred. You should not leave the accident scene until the police have arrived and the accident has been reported. You should call your insurance company as soon as the accident occurs. It is always good if the insurance agent arrives when the police are present. This is because sometimes the police can report the incident to the insurance agent in a better way than you would do in a state of panic. This ultimately saves the time it takes in processing your claim.

Obtaining the facts is also very important. You should note down the facts about the people involved in the accident especially with whom the accident occurred. The information that should be noted includes name, license number, address, contact number, and the number plate of the other car. You should also get the insurance company, and the vehicle identification of the other driver. It is always preferable to note down the important details of the accident as well, because sometimes you’re not able to narrate the accident accurately in a state of tension and panic.


Source by Nicholas Tate