Cash For Clunkers Qualifying Cars – Stimulus Program


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The cars that qualify for the clunker are ones that are 8 years or older and get at least or less than 18 miles per the gallon. The new stimulus package that just came out that has been approved by Congress?  The stimulus package will pay you in some cases up to $5,000 for your old clunker or automobile that you have that either runs okay, or not at all.  It doesn’t matter what your cars condition is in as you can get some good cash for it.

The reason that the government will give you lots of cash for your old clunker is because they are trying to get all the old vehicles that pollute bad chemicals compared to newer ones, off the street.  The minumum amount that you can get is about $3,500 if your car is at least 8 years old and it can get a combined MPG of less than 18.  It must be scrapped after you have traded it in, as it cannot be resold.

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There is only one discount per person so you can’t get more than $5,000 for this type of deal.  However you can have mom or dad get the same discount on another clunker.  This deal won’t last long however because the government has only set aside a certain amount of money and it will go for as long as that happens or until November 1st when this deal ends.  Whichever comes first.

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