China Dropshipping


Dropshipping is a booming business all over the world these days, and China is a leading exporter for several kinds of goods and electronic toys and materials. Staying ahead in the export industry, China dropshipping is a great business these days. Goods are directly exported to different places from the place of manufacturing. This saves a considerable amount of time, effort and a place of store and cuts down several unnecessary charges.

Moreover, risks are part and parcel of increasing business volumes. There are problems, not just in China source but also in several other developed nations and these shall continue to grow even for China with the increasing proportions of China source. Safe sourcing is the responsibility of both, the buyer and the supplier. But, it is the buyer who has to keep a caution while choosing the sourcing partner as the supplier may hardly change the product mix or quality for one single buyer. The companies which source their goods and raw materials all the way through the global sourcing are required to have sound supply chain mechanism in place in order to ensure the levels of quality are as per their requirements.

There are several ways in which the risks of the business can be reduced to great extent. In Chinese dropshipping, if a company wishes to have confidentiality and non- competition protection, then a written agreement is really a boon especially for small and medium level companies. The written agreement should preferably be in both Chinese and English. The payment rules are very simple. Do not pay until one is very sure of the on-time delivery and the ordered product quality.

It has to be made sure that comprehensive agreements of OEM with each individual manufacturer has to be made. Many small and medium sized businesses do transactions via a straightforward purchase order. But this is wrong as it protects the manufacturer only. A company’s protection depends on it having the written agreement of OEM. Such an agreement should be with each and every Chinese manufacturer with whom the company works. It should ideally take care of all the issues discussed above and in addition also the basic legal issues like dispute resolution and jurisdiction. Such an agreement should also be in both Chinese and English languages.

With these issues in mind, it is quite safe to plunge into the China source market. These issues cover almost all the anticipated risks involved in China source. So, addressing them will surely make your risk of diving into China source, a successful effort and will surely make a name for your company in the international trade.

The ease with drop shipping is that the retailer can post the list & description of products online which can even be viewed by rural people and thus making easy for them to order the product online instead of searching for a local retailer. And for this even the retailer doesn’t hold much stock.

So, it makes convenient deal for both the parties.


Source by Dylan Sun