Choose best Tyres for your Car- CEAT car tyres review


Tyres are the only link between the car and road. A good set of tyres improves the steering, acceleration, handling and braking of car that results in extra driving comfort and improved mileage.Selection of right set of tyres becomes more important because of ever increasing prices of fuels too. Selection of tyres needs due consideration over various aspects but the following five are more crucial:

  1. 1. Size of tyre
  2. 2. Tube-type or tubeless
  3. 3. Rubber Compound
  4. 4. Tread pattern
  5. 5. Overall quality

Size is represented in a standard format. For example, 205/55 R 15 is read as:
205 (mm) width of tread, 55 (%) is height of sidewall as a percentage of tread width, R (Radial) and 15 (inch) is wheel rim dia.

Most people opt for tubeless tyres because of their extra edge over tube tyres. Not only the size but tyre compound also affects “gripping” power. It has been proved that tread pattern of tyre doesn’t deliver as much impact upon the mileage as is delivered by the rubber  compound. The tyres with tread pattern configuration of “A” or “V” shape are usually uni-directional.

FORMULA I BT and MILAZE Ceat car tyres are more popular because of balanced carcass tension, block tread pattern, excellent pitch distribution, round and solid shoulders, wide tread crown, optimized sub-grooves etc like features. While selecting the tyres for your car, consider the brand value also. For example, Ceat is the first Indian tyre manufacturing company that got ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification from TUV, a reputed Netherlands based certification organization.

Review the driving conditions and never compromise with brand value and recommended specifications- surely you will get the best tyres for your car.


Source by Mike Greaves