Cleaning up Urine From Your Cars Upholstery


If you have to undertake the unfortunate task of cleaning up urine from your cars interior it’s important that it is done properly and in the most efficient manner to prevent you from having to go back and re clean it and to ensure that any foul odours that urine can leave are removed. Before cleaning, you should put on a pair of protective rubber or latex gloves and a face mask if necessary to prevent you from being exposed to the odour and urine during the task. Also wearing an old set of clothes would be advisable.

The first step to successfully cleaning up urine is to remove as much of it as possible prior to using any products. It should be soaked up with paper towels, an old towel or a wet vac extraction machine if you have access to one. The affected area then needs to be treated with a designated biological cleaning product.

Biological cleaning products contain active enzymes that will kill the bacteria in the urine and therefore eliminate any odours. The product should be sprayed over the area and left to dwell for a few moments to allow the active ingredients to do their job, you should then thoroughly work the cleaner in with a damp micro fibre towel and ensure all affected areas are sufficiently covered.

After a biological cleaning product has been used to break down the urine you can follow up with a normal upholstery cleaning product to help rejuvenate the area and leave it in a natural, fresh condition. Again it should be sprayed over the affected area and thoroughly worked in with a damp micro fibre towel. You should keep a bucket of clean warm water at hand to rinse and wring out your micro fibre towel in between cleaning.

The area now needs to be extracted to fully remove all urine and cleaning product residues and help it dry off. Ideally, a proper wet vac extraction machine should be used in conjunction with clean warm water but if you do not have access to one you can use a normal vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment to extract the area, just ensure that you soak up any excess fluid with a micro fibre towel before hand to prevent an excess of moisture being taken in by the vacuum cleaner and also remember to change the bag afterwards.

During and after cleaning, all doors should be opened to help aerate the interior and once the area has properly dried off you should apply a suitable air freshening product to help eliminate any lingering odour then close up the car.

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Source by Joe