Direct Marketing Strategies and Tactics in 2016


Direct marketing is an integral component of your marketing mix that allows you to communicate with your customers, leveraging a wide range of advertising platforms. However, the industry is volatile and impulsive. Right when you thought you have mastered the art of direct marketing, a new trend emerges that requires your attention. Keeping pace with the ever-changing industry is important to ensure that your competitors don’t get off with the cream of the market. If you can recognize the current direct marketing tactics, develop an actionable strategy and take measurable steps forward, success is bound to follow.

Here are the top direct marketing strategies that will definitely rule in 2016.

1. Mobile Dominates

Though it may sound cliché now, mobile marketing will continue to dominate your advertising efforts in 2016 and years to come. Smartphone revolution and collective addiction of the users paves the way for modern marketing strategy. The significance of mobile search, mobile ubiquity, mobile optimization and mobile conversions cannot be overstated; it is an important part of your marketing management efforts. Mobile is the fixture of the masses and therefore, should be a priority of direct marketers today. Right from responsive website designs to visually attractive display advertising, content marketing and search engine optimization, mobile rules!

2. Social Conversion is the Latest Trend

There has been enough hype about the power of Social Media, but not much has been said about the significance of social conversions to businesses. As Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization will continue to gain importance as a part of your digital marketing strategy, it will provide an opportunity to improve conversion rates and achieve new conversion channels. As digital marketing emerges to be one of the most important forms of direct marketing, social conversions will become more vital than ever.

3. Email Marketing Trends for 2016

Did you know – email marketing delivers the highest sales volume than display or social media? If no, make sure to integrate email marketing into your direct advertising tactics for 2016. However, to be successful, adhere to these latest email trends that will be successful this year. Simple designs that work across multiple devices, more of visually appealing graphics and animation, dynamic customization, video emails, location specific and real-time email marketing, increasing pop-up boxes on your website and integrating social media to build email list are powerful marketing tactics that you can experiment with.

4. SMS Marketing to Hit Back Again in 2016

Who said SMS-es are outdated! Text messages, whether important or irrelevant, are read within 4 minutes of receiving them. Additionally, the response rate for SMS is reported to be 8 times higher than that of email. Seeing the figures, it goes without saying that SMS marketing will be an important component of your digital marketing strategy in 2016. To be successful, keep your SMS short, simple and sweet, and make it relevant with a call-to-action. Most importantly, send the right messages to the right target audience to drive conversions.


Source by Hemant Sargadam