Discounts for Teen Drivers Car Insurance


It costs more to get insurance for teen drivers than more mature ones, but there are ways to keep the costs lower than they would otherwise be.  Even teenagers can drive in a mature fashion and avoid crashes.  They can also avoid driving certain types of vehicles.  They can also make sure they qualify for all discounts available to them.

You can expect to pay more for car insurance for a teenage driver.  The simple fact is that less experienced drivers have more crashes than older drivers.  This costs the carrier more money and this cost is passed on to the carrier’s policy holders.

You can reduce the risk factors associated with teenage drivers and lower your costs.  This can benefit you in two important ways.  You can lower your costs.  You can lower the chances that your young driver will get into an accident.  This can be much more important than any savings you might experience.

The biggest thing that is under the control of a teenage driver is his or her driving record.  Avoiding violations and crashes is crucial if you want to keep costs down.  Driving more safely can keep a ridiculous car insurance rate from going even higher.

Certain autos can cost more to buy insurance coverage for.  High performance automobiles can add to your car insurance cost because they tempt drivers to drive faster and be risky drivers.

The value of the automobile will only have increase on the cost of insurance if the policy has collision and other than collision coverage.  This coverage can pay your body shop if your auto is in a auto accident.  Since this part of your policy pays you and not other parties, it is optional unless your car has a lien on it.  

If you own your car free and clear you can reduce your cost for collision and comprehensive.  You can purchase a auto that costs less to repair.  You can raise your deductibles.  You can drop the collision and other than collision coverage all together.

Teenage drivers may qualify for two important discounts not typically available to more experienced drivers.  The good student discount may save you 10% of the cost of insuring a youthful driver.  A driver’s education lessons discount may save you an additional 10%.

Experienced drivers will typically have a driving record that is a better judge of their driving ability than how good they were in school.  However, with a teenage driver the insurance carrier has to make assumptions using other factors besides the driving record since the driving history may be very limited.

Young drivers can qualify for a good student discount and get a lower cost.  Students who get better grades tend to be smarter drivers also.  Insurance companies will typically give discounts for teenage drivers who have better grades.  Maintaining a B average can save you hundreds of dollars each year for several years.

Another rate reduction that younger drivers can qualify for is a driver’s education discount.  Taking and passing a certified driver’s education course can result in a less costly insurance policy.  These savings will typically far exceed the cost of the drivers ed lessons.  

A driver’s education course can also make a youthful driver a safer driver.  Safer drivers avoid crashes and violations.  They also live longer and are less likely to become disabled.

The cost of auto insurance for a young driver will always be high.  However, there are several strategies that may keep those costs from eating you alive.  You can do what you can to avoid speeding tickets and crashes.  You can drop or lessen the cost of your physical damage coverage.  You can make sure that you get a drivers ed discount and good student discount.


Source by Alston Balkcom