Do It Yourself – Build A Patio Cover


A patio cover is a covering that is affixed to a house to create an extra usable space and additional shade. A patio cover can be constructed over an existing patio just for shade or it can be made in a previously undeveloped place to make a patio. Patio covers may greatly improve the complete look and functionality of a home because it enables you to enjoy the outdoors without needing to face unforgiving weather changes. The extra shade will also help to keep your house cooler. As a patio cover can be such a helpful thing to possess and may additionally improve the value of your home, it might be a good idea to consider one for your own home. To cut down on cost you may want to build one yourself because it is not such a complicated task with a little know-how. Therefore here are a coupe instructions to help you make a patio cover of your own. Required Tools Nail gun Level Framing square Stapler Drill 1½-inch drill bit Required Materials Post base 4×4 posts 2×6 boards 2×12 boards Concrete anchors Plywood Tar paper Roof Shingles Metal screen Flashing Instructions As with numerous other things, you can obtain a patio cover kit that will give you a design to work with, all the materials you need for completing the design and even the tools you require for construction. Still if you would like to try building a patio cover without the additional help then read on. The first stage is to create a plan for your patio cover; some patio covers are completely covered while others give partial sunlight. So settle on the design and dimensions yours will be. Once you possess a design it’s time to head to your local zoning department to make sure that your patio cover is allowed and will not cause you problems later on. As soon as you obtain the go ahead it’s time to begin building. Based on your measurements set the post base using the concrete anchors; place the 4×4 posts on the post base and nail them to the post base. Build the support beam by putting the double 2×12 boards into the roofline; following the design of the roof pitch, cut rafters and tails and next cut the ridgeline and place the rafter in position. Next place a block between the rafter tails and drill three 1½ inch holes in the center of every third rafter. Staple a piece of the metal screen to the inside of each of the blocks and next set up the roof decking. Set up flashings where the previous roofline connects with the patio roofline and mount the tarp paper on the roof allowing an overlap of no less than 6 inches, working your way up from the bottom of the roofline. Put in a rain cutter and put in shingles from the bottom up once more, overlapping the shingles as well. Install roof jacks on either side of the patio cover, 2 feet down from the ridgeline and complete the underside of the roof by putting up sheathing and any other insulation you wish. Tips and Warnings Some sections of the building process will call for the help of an additional person. So make sure that you have someone nearby to assist you. keep in mind that there are diverse sorts of materials used to build patio covers, some are more cost efficient than others. Therefore make your selection based on your preference and how much you are willing to spend. If you opt to use wood, make sure that it is pre-treated to prevent rot.


Source by Sadie Backhurst