Earn Money by Driving Your Car


Companies are offering car owners the chance to earn money by letting them advertise their company, product or service on their car. What’s more, if you don’t have a car and are still interested then these advertising companies will give you an already logo-ed car to drive around. You are essentially getting paid to drive your car. There are certain limitations, however, where you live, how often you drive and where you drive are all factors that are considered; just like placing an advert in a magazine, advertisers must ensure that the right market or demographics will be exposed to the ad.

Using a car advertisement can guarantee great exposure for a company, having a whacky image or logo emblazoned across a car driving through the city centre can guarantee attention; if you want to target a specific demographic then take the car to that area of town. Where a civilian having an advertised car becomes an advantage is the continual exposure the brand will have to possible consumers; take for instance the luxury wristwatch makers Rolex, if they were to wrap the Jaguar of a head CEO in a highly successful oil firm then the exposure to their target market is optimum. A more realistic situation may be a student driving a car wrapped with a popular alcoholic brand or gossip magazine, by commuting to University his car is the ideal transit advertisement vehicle.

The advertisements are applied to the car using a special wrapping technique. An auto vehicle wrapper will digitally print the advertisement onto highly conformable films which is then applied to the car. These films can be removed from the car at any time and will leave the paintwork undamaged.

However, getting paid to wrap your car in an advertisement is not as easy as you may think; firstly you are required to be 18 and to hold a clean license, some companies have even been known to do a credit check. Many companies enforce that the advertisement must be assessed every month and if you damage the advertisement then you will be liable to replace it, a cost that will not be covered by your car insurance. To gain the full benefits of the advertisements it is required for the driver of the car to keep it in a prominent place, so no garages, and wash it at least once every fortnight which can be challenging for the majority of car drivers.

Along with all of this is also the impact driving a car emblazoned with an advertisement can have on your social life; single, hot date, picking her up? Do you really want to do it in a car advertising the local pizzeria? Not likely. Having logos and images on the side of your car can certainly do some damage to any street credibility, of course when the mockers find out that you in fact get paid up to £1000 for it then no doubt they will be laughing on the other side of their face.


Source by Laura Davis