Enemas – How Do I Know When I Need To Do An Enema?


Many people that are detoxing might ask, “How do I know when I need to do an enema?” Over the last ten years of cleansing I have taken mental notes on this subject just so that I can write this article.

How do you feel?  If you are tired in the morning and feel like taking a nap in the middle of the day, that is a good sign that you need to do an enema. As soon as the bowel gets toxic enough, those toxins can absorb through the bowel wall and get back into your blood stream, making you sick and tired. 

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How do you smell? lol. Are you flatulating a lot? Is it hot gas? Does it smell bad? These are definite indicators and answers to the question, “How do I know when I need to do an enema?” Take it from the gas-master, bad smelling farts are a sure sign of needing to do an enema!

Is your thinking stinking?  How positive have your thoughts been lately? Toxic blood makes for a toxic mind! Been there, done that. I’m telling you from experience that whenever I’ve had a chronically bad attitude for several days or even weeks, soon thereafter the other signs reared their ugly heads and it became clear that it was time to do an enema.

How many times do you have to wipe after a bowel movement?  If you get a clean break, that shows that there is not a lot of loose material in the bowel. If you have to wipe over and over again it’s a sure answer to the question, “How do I know when I need to do an enema?” This sign surely means that you’ve been eating a lot of foods that create soft stools and also that you’ve been eating foods that break up accumulated matter in the body. The wetter your poop is, the more it can leak back through the bowel wall and make you sick.

What have you been eating and craving lately?  If you’re really pushing your cleansing, you should have been avoiding dairy, wheat, meats, soy and processed foods as much as possible. If so, you probably have been over-eating a lot of fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, beans, avocado, peanuts, brown rice bread, brown rice, and other transition foods.  You may also be eating a lot of vegetables.  Any time you change your diet and start eating whole foods full of fiber you’re going to start busting loose all the accumulated toxins in your body. 

Push your cleansing but don’t over do it!  Some of you can move out the garbage faster and easier than others.  This depends on how strong you are on all levels, especially your organs of elimination.  How fast you can push your healing also depends on your schedule and your ability to take time to sleep and rest.  Sleep and rest are crucial to healing.  Do whatever you have to to be able to create the time for taking care of yourself – even if it means living a very low budget lifestyle. 

Remember that it often requires a second enema to finish the job!  A day or two after having done an enema you may want to do it again because the contents of the small intestine, that were also toxic, have now emptied into the large intestine – creating sickness.  Doing a colonic which is a more extreme measure generally cleans out the bowel better in one fell swoop but doing two enemas is the superior method because it does the job over a two or three day period.   

Happy cleansing!  (Yuk!) 



Source by Brett Rodgers