Environmental taxes thrown automobile market bad news lead boots hot

“Ministry of Finance started to impose environmental taxes motor vehicles.” Message from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the National People’s Congress in Beijing recently Zhangyan You group meeting to the media. This is a bit sudden news, as if cast into the automobile market, “boots” widespread bad news hot.

    Environmental tax will be levied varies from functional departments. Zhangyan You said the motor vehicle when the environmental tax is levied, the owner will be different according to the pollution emissions from motor vehicles to pay different taxes. Owners of high emission cars to buy, definitely buy low-emission vehicles than owners pay more in environmental taxes, similar to the purchase of tax collection. The Pollution Control Division Ministry of Environmental Protection also said Ren Hongyan, run more mileage to pay the higher cost is correct. This argument is similar to the fuel duty.

    Survey vehicles on the environment will yield cost increase will affect nearly 50% of the consumer’s intention to buy cars that consumers consider increasing the proportion of small cars or stay car, North Star Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market is also Feng Chi that environmental taxes will be levied in the news throughout the country, will bring greater inhibition of car consumption. How to charge only a reasonable guide consumption, in order to promote the healthy development of the automotive market is the key.

    Despite the introduction of environmental taxes motor vehicles be dispelled to some extent brought about by the purchase of vehicle sales tax breaks popular phenomenon. The long run, this tax will help to achieve energy saving, the vital interests of the public. But the question is, if environmental taxes to levy, how to achieve a balanced collection into focus. Have owners that can not be simply determined by emissions tax: “the same fuel consumption and emissions are not necessarily the same car, close to retirement age and the amount of newly purchased vehicles, far from the sewage, or even use a different grade of fuel will result in different emissions. “Some experts said that if you want to increase the role of environmental protection, you can adjust the original tax rate, such as adjusting the fuel tax.

    Currently, motor vehicle taxes involved include consumption tax, vehicle purchase tax, fuel tax, value-added taxes, environmental taxes should be cautious experts said. China Machinery Industry Federation, Zhang Xiaoyu, executive vice president of the view that environmental taxes will be the trend, only by the manufacturers and consumers to carry, but to seriously consider collection methods. China Automobile Dealers Association, the visible head of the preparatory group of the automotive market branch Su Hui also said that “should the current tax reform, a balanced proportion of motor vehicle taxes to avoid double taxation and the costs to consumers.”

Source by dpdp