Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Range Rover Wanted


The Range Rover has often been considered the world’s best 4X4.  If you are looking in the market for a Range Rover wanted, you will be happy to know it is one of the most affordable vehicles out there today when it comes to used autos.  And if you are searching for a new model, there are some tremendous options to look at.

Although many people will recommend you look at consumer publications for details and information, this will unfortunately do you no good when shopping for a Range Rover wanted.  Oddly, this vehicle typically ranks low in regards to the number of faults reported by owners, but very high in owner satisfaction. 

You will find the basic frame, body and drive train of Range Rovers is very reliable and long lasting.  It consists of incredibly solid engineering that will blow other sport utility vehicles out of the water. 

As with any vehicle, there are some things you need to look out for when shopping for a Range Rover.  The first thing to look at is standard equipment versus options.  A lot of times private sellers and car dealers are going to list all of the luxury features with this vehicle as if they were options.  However, a majority of the time all of these features are standard on US models and should not cost you a penny extra.

There are the typical things that every car buyer should consider regardless of the vehicle.  For instance, make sure the Range Rover wanted has had its scheduled maintenance performed and that the owner’s manual has been stamped to prove this.  Take a look underneath the vehicle to see if there are any leaks.  In addition, ask to take the vehicle to a car repair shop if it is a used vehicle to check on all of the basic necessities.

If it is a classic that you are going to be purchasing, your pre-scan is going to be a bit more extensive.  The most notable thing to look at is the steering box as this leaks quite often.  Other leakers with classics include swivel pin housings on the front wheels and the rear axel.  Also, take the time to look for any signs of rust and see if the fuel tank recall work has been done.  Minor things to look out for include checking that the sunroof operates correcting, the heating and air conditioning systems function, and the electric door locks and seat adjustment switches are ok.

If you are looking at a Range Rover III, it is worth checking the air suspension operation and the navigation and entertainment systems.  And if you are having a dealer look at the vehicle, have them look at the front differential spines for wear and tear. 

The internet is full of Range Rovers that can be purchased for well below the original price.  It is worth taking the time to shop around online until you find the right option for you.  There are some tremendous used listing services and web sites that have just about every Range Rover wanted. 

And if you intend on going to a car dealership to find a new model, take your time and plan on spending the day at the dealership.  Remember that car dealers are trying there best to get you for everything you have.  It is all about mind games and if you show them that you are not intimidated, you can haggle with them to reduce the price greatly.

There are a number of different models and styles to choose from when it comes to finding a Range Rover wanted.  Just keep in mind the information and tips listed in this article to help you find the used or new model desired.


Source by David Barber