Fear of Death is a Common Feeling in Many Situations


A fear of death is a very real fear, although often dismissed by people going about their ordinary business. You can’t see fear, except by your actions, so it is often not taken seriously.

Pregnant women, coming close to birth can suffer from a very real fear of death. As can someone who has been in a traumatic experience, that did face death. Things like a bad motor accident, a bank robbery, soldiers come from war. Children tend to suffer trauma more easily and need to be taken seriously, even if the event was nothing to us.

The fear can be crippling, causing insomnia, restlessness, lack of ability to eat properly or to focus, making you hard to live with, too.

Everyone suffers.

And because it becomes wearing for those around you, you are often given limited sympathy, told to ‘snap out of it’ and other unhelpful remarks.

Don’t they think you would snap out of it if you could?

All this can be easily sorted out by taking the homeopathic medicine Aconite. This is available over the counter at most health shops and some pharmacies.

You may need a higher potency than that available for home prescribing, so you would need to consult with a professional homeopath for that.

But, you will probably see immediate results just by taking a few doses of the lower potency Aconite that is readily available to you.

It’s a wonderful way to resolve your fear of death that may have started after a shock or shocking experience.


Source by Madeleine Innocent