Filipina Brides Scam – What Are Some Warning Signs That You Are About To Be Deceived


Are you a victim of Filipina brides scam? Then, you are not alone. People from around the world from all walks of life who use the internet as part of their social life may have been scammed as well.  Scamming a person for money can happen to anybody and performed by anybody as well. As long as there is an access to the internet these people will do almost anything to fool you for your money.  What are the red flags to know if you are being scammed by someone in the internet?

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These people can be real men pretending to be women, gay men, prostitutes, or old ladies. How does this work for them?

Well, they hook up on the internet or register to dating sites showing voluptuous profile pictures to attract their prey. Once they get a catch they start to moonlight and make you fall for them as soon as possible. The sooner the cash fall in the better it is for them. They do not invest too much time to really get to know you. One of the signs is that they tell you about their plight and indirectly imply that you send them money and wait for you to offer. They will try to make you feel guilty. If implying their sad situation doesn’t work then they will ask you outright.

One of the few examples are money for tuition or they will drop out, payment for house rent or boarding rent, medicine, a family member urgently needs to undergo surgery, pay a debt, purchase a computer so that she would not have to pay for computer rental at the internet café giving yourselves instant access, purchase a phone so you could communicate anytime anywhere.  These are but of the few tactics that Filipina brides scam you for your money.

Another red flag to consider is that, your bride to be will start to state logical reasons for you to include her in all of your accounts. Obviously, that is a big no-no. Even if she is your fiancée, you have to be cautious.  Some other tactics of a crafty person is when she starts telling you to petition her family members like a brother, a sister, cousins, and bring them to the states or to your homeland. It could be her previous husband or her lover. To make things safe, have a thorough check on her background even before she gets her visa.

In any case using common sense or trusting your own judgment would be wise. The sooner you can visit your bride the better for you, so you do not get into the trap of Filipina brides scam.


Source by Alyana Cruz