Finding Ways to Increase Gas Mileage for our Vehicles

We are all looking for ways to save a bit of cash especially at this time when the economy is so unstable. One of the biggest drains on the cash in our pockets are the cars and trucks we all drive and the increasing cost of running them, especially on the price of gasoline, therefore finding ways to increase gas mileage is a good place to start to try and make some savings. There are several ways to increase gas mileage, small things like driving just a bit slower and avoiding jack rabbit driving (accelerating quickly and breaking hard). Making sure that your tire pressures are correct, your brakes are not sticking and that your engine is properly serviced and in tip top condition. All these things will get you some gas mileage improvements allowing you to get more MPG from your particular vehicle. Sensible driving and looking after your vehicle although good ways to increase gas mileage are not the only ways to get more MPG. Thanks to new technology there is now a way to improve the performance of your engine and get gas mileage improvements of 50% or more. This new technology uses plain tap water as a supplement to the ordinary gasoline we all put into our cars and trucks. Using water as a supplement to gasoline to get gas mileage improvements may sound a bit far fetched or even fantastical but it is easily achieved with the use of a hydrogen generator for vehicles . This small gas mileage device fits neatly under the hood of your car next to your engine, and uses the principle of Hydrolysis to convert water droplets into Hydrogen Oxygen (also known as HHO or Brown’s gas). This gas when mixed with the gasoline-air mixture of an ordinary engine burns a lot more efficiently and with much more power, and this is what gives you the great gas mileage improvements. With this new technology and the use of a hydrogen generator for vehicles you will not only be getting gas mileage improvements, you will also be doing your bit for the environment as this mixture of fuels burns more cleanly with less harmful exhaust emissions. Also as it burns cleaner your engine receives less wear and tear, and the build up of harmful carbon in your engine is reduced. In fact over a period of time by using a hydrogen generator for vehicles the existing carbon deposits in your engine will be removed. Just imagine how much of your hard earned cash you could be saving if you could achieve gas mileage improvements of 50% or more. You could easily save hundreds of dollars a year just by fitting this simple device to your vehicle. No wonder that a hydrogen generator for vehicles is fast becoming one of the best ways to increase gas mileage and get more MPG. Not only will you be saving money on gas but because this fuel burns a lot cleaner your engine stays in better condition longer making you savings on repairs.

Source by mike legg