Free Quiz Questions And Answers – Weekly-016 Quiz


Free September 2009 Quiz Questions And Answers

1. British band, The Feeling’s bass guitarist Richard Jones is married to which UK pop princess ?
    Sophie Ellis Bextor

2.  The character Miss Hannigan runs an orphanage in which hit Broadway musical ?

3.  Which sailor character features in one of the stories of the Arabian Nights ?

4.  In 1989, who was chancellor of West Germany when the Berlin Wall came down ?
    Helmut Kohl

5.  With which sport is Goran Ivanisevic most closely associated ?

6.  Which ex-pub singer turned opera star’s first album ‘The Voice’ was
 released in 2000 ?
    Russell Watson

7.  How many ancient wonders of the world are there ?

8.  In the sporting world, what does the abbreviation FA stand for ?
    Football Association

9.  Which tree produces the seed from which chocolate is made ?

10.  The classic horse race, the Derby is run at which English racecourse ?

11.  The medieval heraldic symbol, depicting a lily or iris, was adopted by the kings of France ?

12.  Fusilli is a spiral-shaped variety of which food product ?

13.  Toronto and Vancouver are cities located in which country ?

14.  Which British government department is sometimes known by the abbreviation FCO ?
     Foreign and Commonwealth Office

15.  From which South American country did Paddington Bear come from ?

16.  In 1964, which French philosopher declined the Nobel Prize for Literature ? Jean-Paul Sartre

17.  Hampton Court Palace was given to Henry VIII by which English cardinal?
     Cardinal Wolsey

18.  What name is given to the traditional Venetian one-oared, flat-bottomed boat mainly used by tourists ? Gondola

19.  St Apollonia is the patron saint of people suffering from what painful complaint ? Toothache

20.  In 2001, Belgian doctor Jacques Rogge was elected president of which international sports organization ?
     International Olympic Committee

Tie:  In which year did Papua New Guinea become independent of Australia ?


Source by Richard Jagger