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Are extended warranties at US Fidelis fully transferable?

Extended warranties sold by many dealers are not transferable, and in case the person who bought the warranty sells his vehicle, the warranty simply ends. At US Fidelis, extended warranties are fully transferable, and we use our proprietary software so that you can get the best extended warranty coverage at a reasonable price. Fully transferable extended warranties by US Fidelis have an added advantage when it comes to selling your vehicle because the vehicles with extended warranties frequently have a higher resale value as the buyer knows that the vehicle is covered for high repair costs.

I already have auto insurance why do I need a warranty?

An extended warranty should not be confused with an auto insurance policy. Though both extended warranty and insurance policy cover your vehicle for an unexpected expense but they cover it in different ways. Auto insurance policy covers your vehicle for accidents or natural disasters but when it comes to mechanical breakdowns of the vehicle, you can rely on your extended warranty for protecting you from high auto repair costs. At US Fidelis, we get you extended warranties from only the top insurance providers in the market, and your US Fidelis warranty covers the replacement of parts that fail. For instance, if the transmission of your vehicle fails, your insurance policy will not pay for the repair or replacement but your extended auto warranty would.

I’m still covered. Why buy US Fidelis warranty now?

An extended auto warranty can be purchased anytime you want, but US Fidelis advises you to buy it as soon as possible because the earlier you buy an extended warranty, the lesser it will cost. Reason being, the cost of extended warranty goes up as the vehicle ages and its mileage accrues. Prices of parts and labor also go up with time causing the price of a warranty to go up as well. So, It is wise to invest in an extended warranty sooner than later.

Another reason why US Fidelis recommends you to buy an extended warranty is that unlike most people think, an extended warranty is not double coverage, its coverage starts only after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. So, the sooner you buy it, the more you save. We also recommend it because some extended warranties cover more parts than the manufacturer’s warranty which will help you if there is a need to cover unexpected expenses.

Why would I need a US Fidelis warranty, when I’m pretty handy with engines and cars?

With the advancement of technology, the new vehicles being launched are becoming more and more complex. The modern vehicles require latest diagnostic equipment to analyze and repair them, and this makes it almost impossible for the vehicle owners to repair their vehicles on their own. The cost of repairs is also high because of the complexity involved in repairing these vehicles. If you have US Fidelis warranty by your side, it will save you from the need of buying expensive advanced equipment or paying high amounts for vehicle repair.

Aren’t all extended warranties the same? I should just buy the least expensive coverage.

No, not all extended warranties are same, and It is essential to do thorough research before buying an extended auto warranty. Though low prices might appear attractive initially, it can actually cost more in the long run. Least expensive extended warranties might not give you the coverage you are looking for and at times, these warranties can be restrictive which can cause a major dent in your pocket at the times of repair. US Fidelis helps you in finding the extended warranty that best suits your budget and requirements.

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