Gas Mileage Ratings Will Help You Select a Vehicle


For most people who know what there values are making decisions comes easy. Like when purchasing a vehicle, when you know what’s most valuable about a vehicle, its not that hard to make a purchase. May this article will help you decide what’s most valuable about buying a vehicle.

When it comes to choosing a new car there are many things that we have to look at. The fluctuation in gas prices makes us focus less on the cool features that the car can come with and more on the gas mileage ratings. You want a car that will allow you to drive longer on a gallon of gas. Keep in mind though that sometimes the ratings will vary depending on what kind of a driver you are.

The ratings for gas mileage in SUV’s and trucks are given out to the public every year to help people determine the fuel economy of the individual vehicles. The SUV’s are often divided into two different categories to help consumers decide the efficiency of the car. These categories include Highway SUV’s and City SUV’s. The trucks are also divided into these two categories and are mixed for learning the gas mileage ratings.

The ratings will help you to choose which truck or SUV will be best for you. You can easily check out the Top 9 SUV’s that have the best fuel economy ratings on the Web. It is obvious that the smaller sizes will have the better ratings because they are lightweight. In 2005 the number one SUV was the Honda CR-V. It was able to get 21-23 mpg in the city and 26 – 28 on the highway.

Recently the government has created new gas mileage ratings for 2008 models. These new tests were created to measure the fuel economy more accurately. They accomplished this by taking into account the speed that people will be driving it and the different characteristics of the driver.

Gas mileage ratings for hybrid cars are also based on new tests that take into account the real world driving habits of many consumers. Because of this the average fuel economy has dropped by 10 to 20% when compared to the older ratings.

Minivans are some of the more popular cars for consumers who are on a tight budget. However, you must be very careful which type you choose. There are many different styles and you want to choose the best gas mileage vehicle that will meet your needs. You will find that the ‘egg-shaped’ minivans are aerodynamic and more suitable then the boxy SUV’s. In 2007 the gas mileage ratings showed that Ford’s Max was the best minivan.


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